Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord.

Finally a letter to  mom Friday,  What a bunch of craziness.........well I am sad to say that Elder Ellsworth and myself are not staying together for another move. :( I have been moved to the office (because of un-forseen events, I accidentally broke my leg the other day) any questions or concerns call the office and  you can talk to the sisters in the office but it will be fine. Nothing to worry about I am perfectly fine I promise. I will work in there and do paper work and and be an Office Elder. It shall be interesting to see how that goes, but hey it doesn't matter what happens, things happen for a reason. I am sad to leave Peckham, I really love that area, all the people and all the great members. There were many wonderful experiences that we had while up in London and Elder Ellsworth will be taking over the area and helping all the people that we were working with to be baptized. The two kids Adjies are hopefully getting baptized this Sun. in between sessions of Conference! It is way exciting they are going to make great members and that whole family is soon going to be baptized. Also so amazing are the others that are preparing for their Baptisms. Margret and Esther are coming up soon. It is great to see the elect listening to the voice of the father and following it. If we only can sort that simple thing out to isolate the things of the gospel and really focus on that then we will be guided and directed to the things that will bring lasting happiness. "Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding." -Proverbs 3:13 This is what a mission is all about. You finding the wisdom, then getting the understanding and sharing that and helping others find the wisdom of the fullness of the gospel then they can finally be truly happy. I really have come to find this out, Happiness is right in the palm of each of our hands, it is down to us to search and seek and do all we can to find it. Its there, we just need to do something about it. I love missionary work, it is so awesome to know we are hear representing the Lord in being apart of this the most important work ever! Over the last few days I really have had to put things to the lord and pray for strength and just follow what I have felt. I really know this work is inspired of God, I am too weak and not smart enough to do it without his help. I am just excited to keep doing the work of the lord no matter what. Hey thanks for the package, I got it with the Scriptures and the suit paints. I think you are easily the best mom and family I know. Over the last few days I really have just learned to trust the lord and fully rely on him. I love you all and I will speak to you soon, Mon! Have a sweet General Conference weekend!

Much Love
Elder Garren Allred

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