Sunday, April 4, 2010

April Fools on MOM

Hey dad!
What a week, so I sent a fake funny e-mail to mom, just play along but know my leg is fine:) I am no longer with Elder Ellsworth in Peckham, this last Saturday I received a call from President Shamo to be his new assistant (wow talk about overwhelming and not feeling able to do something to that level and there are so many better missionaries than myself, and I just didn't think I was capable of something like this but hey the lord does what he thinks is best so I will just go along with that.) So the next day I was picked up by Elder Roberts(from South Africa) and Elder Christen(from Delta) then we traveled to Presidents house and for the rest of the day worked on moves with him. It was amazing and very interesting how it all works out. I was amazed at how it all is done. President has such a great love for all the missionaries, it is just so amazing. Moves were very trying as things didn't go as planned and lots of situations arose but it all worked out in the end and at the last min it was fantastic and then as the 4 new missionaries came in on this last Wed. we were able to teach them and spend time with them and learn from them. They are amazing and so ready for missionary work! Then on Thur. we had moves and the trainers and the golden's paired up. All the companions that were working with each other are just right and the lord knew that and revealed that to President and it was a blessing to witness that take place. It is awesome spending time with them at their home and seeing how this all works, the mission as a whole. I am nervous and excited and everything all bundled up together. Today we sent off the the departing missionaries, we drove them all around to the different airports, we sent Elder Roberts back home and some other missionaries and it was a bitter sweet experience to spend these last days with him as a tri of assistants. I love this work so much dad, it is true and amazing! Thanks for the sweet scripture, love you loads

Elder Garren Allred

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