Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh how lovely was the day!!

Oh how lovely is the day! Today at 1:35 I had a practical driving test in Belvedere. I was slightly nervous because there was a lot of pressure riding on me to pass this test so I might be able to drive in the future. Having failed this part already once and being way annoyed and sad I just wanted to get it all over with and pass. As the examiner and I took off I was feeling pretty good, did a few things and made a few errors I was doing good so I thought, then we came to a large roundabout and I missed putting my indicator on, he reminded me all was all right, then on the next round it was a kind of a highwayish road so it was 50, then there was some signs reading 30 and another on with a 50, I was slightly confused so went in between both and he said slow down its 30, so I was like oh no I messed up again, and that happened again later down the road. We drove back to the testing centre, he talked to me about the speed limit thing and then said good job you passed! I felt very relieved inside and way happy to finally be done with all this stuff. Thank you for all your prayers and what not it really helped.
So last week was intense, many crazy things happened. We had an exchange with the AP's, zone training, and we were able to teach lots and meet a few way cool new people. So wed of this last week I was starting to feel a bit queasy in the stomach might have been something we ate or who knows, so Thursday I started to feel not as good as the afternoon wore on. We went out to lunch with this way cool guy named frank, stories will follow at a later time about him. Well at lunch I started to feel way sick to my stomach. After we left it wasn't looking too good for me, my stomach was in knots and ahhh it felt nasty. We hoped on a bus and started to go to the church so I could go and sort myself out, well......I didn't make it to the church I threw up at a bus stop. Still feeling ill after that we had to go to another teach. After we finished that we met the AP's for our exchange, I went with Elder Roberts(he goes home in 3 weeks) we had some time to go knocking but I was feeling pretty bad but we went anyway, we knocked 2 doors and met Dolly, an amazing lady from Gambia. We talked for 2 min at the door and then she let us in. As I talked for a min. I was doing alright, then Elder Roberts started to teach, as he did so I started to sweat and get the shakes, then I asked if I could use her restroom, she showed me there and as I got in once again I lost it and threw up in her toilet. Wow I felt so bad to do that but hey what can you do......I cleaned all up and went back down and we finished teaching. She is amazing by the way and we're teaching her again soon. I learned that the lord will provide if you need something and also there are so many nice people in this world willing to help and be there for you as everyone was while I was sick the rest of the night and couldn't really do anything. It was a good time.....ha-ha kinda sort of not really. This last week some good things are happening with the people were teaching all are doing well in progressing towards there baptisms on the 27th. I hope all of them keep learning and growing because you can start to see the positive effect the gospel is starting to have on their lives. I think that is one thing I have really learned this last week is how much we can really grow if we have the right tools and resources in our life and the Gospel of Jesus Christ provides all that we need to get what we want if we want the right things. Too many times people have their eyes set on the wrong things and that is where many go wrong, we must have our eyes single to the glory of God, this doesn't mean we must be some crazy fanatic but I see it as doing the things that will build us up and help us to become like our Heavenly Father. I love this work it is extremely joyful and exciting and the greatest time to learn and to see so many people make changes in their lives that help them receive the greatest rewards.
Thank you for all you do and all your support I love you all and think of you and pray for you all!
Thanks for sorting out the pants thing that will be perfect mom! Tell the kids all hi and I love them and hope they had fun skiing. Tell Aryana Happy Birthday! I am so excited for Karen’s baptism that is so sweet.
Thanks again for everything, sorry for all the stuff with the money, it is so expensive to get your license over here and I failed a few times so that didn't help. Also I had my small quad taken a few weeks ago with my small hymn book, so I have been thinking of getting a new small quad but tell me what you think? Love you all have a great week and make sure to listen to the voice of the spirit this next week.

With Love
Elder Garren Allred

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