Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey yo life is good and wonderful! :) I love you all, I hope you know that and always remember that even if I am not the best at showing it or expressing it, but I truly love you all and am grateful for all you do and say and sacrifice for me and all others. I, we had an amazing week! Thanks to the tender mercies of the Lord, and I mean many tender mercies. I am so in awe as to the infinite love of our heavenly father. He really really does love us and trusts us. I know he does because I have seen it, and felt the great love that he has for us. 
I love this work, I really love it. I love learning and being a small insignificant instrument in the hands of the lord. I don't say that to belittle us or myself but as the prophets state it is true and we must remember this in order to stay and remain humble. I had a great study this last week, reading Mosiah 4 I learned many great things from this chapter that taught me what is most important and how to get it, salvation is so simple. We must not complicate the lord’s work as it is not complicated.  Through the Atonement and no other way, my heart is drawn out in thankfulness to him for this the only act that can provide what I really need and want in life which is happiness and eternal progression.
This last week we had some great teaches, we are working with less-actives more in trying to bring them back to the fold. What a blessing it is to be able to work with these people. 
We’re now working with 4 amazing people to be baptized on the 27th of this month, Tracy and Benji will be baptized on this date as their mother will be back from Germany by then and also Margaret, and a new amazing lady named Ester. Ester is a miracle, she was found in north London, went to church a few times up there, lost contact with the missionaries and then the missionaries found out she didn't live in their area, come to find out the referral was given to the wrong set of missionaries in our mission and just on Sat. night we got her information from the other elders that live not too far from us. We called her and she was excited to hear from us, and excited to come to church, she came and loved it and we invited her to be baptized and of course she being elect, accepted. It really taught me that the work is in his hands we just have to be ready to follow what he prompts us to do or say so that we can help and assist him in the work. All these people are so wonderful and it is such a blessing to teach them because they help to invite the spirit into the teaches and they are there to learn to be better and draw closer to the lord which is the goal at hand. 
Also we had sweet zone conference where the main focus was on the savior and the atonement and how this is the main thing we should be teaching people so the spirit will hit them and help change them so they can accept all the other restored truths that have come in our dispensation. I learned firsthand that we must always watch ourselves and work to learn and grow and learn new and exciting things or remember what the lord has already taught us which was really important at the time but we have forgotten it.
I have grown to love many of the members here in this area and just more people in general. Love it’s a commonly misused word or action but as I have had this great opportunity to serve the lord I have learned a little more what he means by love one another. I am going to attach some things for you to read that have touched me, hope you enjoy.
Thanks for everything, I love you all.
Have an immense week!

Love Elder Allred

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