Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beareth All Things!

I love this work, the trials that we experience as we draw closer to the lord really do refine and help our countenance to change and become more Christ-like. This last week hasn’t been the best or easiest but it really has taught me a lot about life and love and the savior. On P-day we went to the Tate Modern museum with a member, it was pretty fun and quite interesting. Art is just funny sometimes and people are slightly crazy I think. We then had a teach with one of the guys we were helping prepare for baptism and it was a good teach and all but he is so rooted in his other church it is hard for these simple truths of the gospel to sink into his heart, so needless to say he is no longer preparing for baptism but hopefully soon as we are still teaching him, and he really loved the plan of salvation so that was good. Tue we had a ZLC @ Presidents house and it was great as we focused on the savior and how that needs to be our central message in everything we say and teach, faith in him repentance because of him and baptism the proper way by the proper authority because of him restoring it in our days. We also went over our focus and theme for the year, which is the bread of life and the living water. Sister Shamo took us through the living water along with President Shamo, they really brought it to life and made it so real for all of us, the savior is such a master teacher and really knows how to get us to understand things and more importantly feel the spirit. Then over the next couple of days we taught the wonderful Benji and Tracy that are now probably getting baptized on the 13 of March, still waiting for their mom to come back from Germany so hopefully that happens soon. They are such good kids, so funny and fun to teach, they ask some good questions as well. Also this last week we have been focusing on teaching recent converts and everyone about Patriarchal Blessings, it has been amazing and inspired me to learn more about the from the old testament, so I studied that this last week and it is so cool to learn about our heritage and what others have done to help us be to this point in our lives now. I love to help people see that they can receive some amazing things from the Lord because it is really one thing that has helped me so much in my life up to this point. Then the rest of the days leading up to Sunday we taught loads of Less-Active people, which is great to try and rekindle that fire of a testimony that they have. I love you all and am so thankful for all you do. I know that when we seek the kingdom of God first all things will truly work out in life, as dad said it’s about Faith. Also in sacrament meeting l lady that was talking said this quote......
“What matters most is what last longest!” And that is our faith and our Families.
Have a great week Love you all!!

Elder Garren Allred

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