Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello All,
Well it was a busy weekend. The lord blessed us so much as we were able to witness a sweet sister from Nigeria baptized, I was lucky enough to be able to perform the baptism. Fumi is an amazing lady with a very keen mind and a humble heart that was in search of the truth. She has a son that is 7, Ope. He is so cool, very smart guy. He is excited to be baptized in April when he turns 8. When met Fumi at church after a sweet member invited her to come to church, she was so ready and prepared for what we had to say. All we really did was go and teach her and the rest was taken care of. You should have seen the happiness of this member at the baptism; she was just so excited for her long time friend to enjoy the fruits of the restored gospel. Now this is just as Preach my Gospel has said that missionaries will have more success as the members do the finding and introduce their friends to the gospel. If this process can be done, the rate of people being blessed will be far greater than it is now. I have seen that members that share the gospel like this have a burning testimony, they are valiant in the faith, they always stand as a witness of Christ and they are friendly, happy and just good people that you want to be around. Each of us need to be a person like this, heavenly father is preparing people to be taught that are all around us, the key is to go out of our comfort zone and talk to these people about the hard things and then testify to them and invite them to try it for themselves, and promise them loads of great blessings. This is what each of us must do and why? Because the Savior commanded us to. Read the last chapter of Matthew. We should love the savior enough to obey his word and when we do this the joy and happiness will be far greater than what we now experience. I gave a talk this last week about this, BUILDING THE KINGDOM, it was alright but I always run over on time.........I talk too much.....sometimes.....I have been working on that but it hasn’t been going to good! Haha. So exciting about Karen and her baptism, tell her hi and I am so excited for her! Glad life is busy for you all, that’s some of the best times:)
Still a bit chilly.....Driving test is the 15th of March!!!!!!!ahhhhhh pray hard. No photos of grandma or grandpa yet. Don’t need anything I bought some new shirts and some cologne last week.
Zone is doing great, only a few moved. No sisters in the zone. So there are only 3 missionaries in our zone from America, so crazy how it is all changing, also our numbers of missionaries are going to keep decreasing so it will be an interesting summer coming up.
We have some sweet people preparing for baptism, Margret, and Clemence and the two kids from Germany, but now we are going to have to wait till March for their baptisms so there mom can be back from Germany.
Love you all, have a great week! Keep it real
Elder Allred
Sorry I only had time to write one e-mail, so I love you week I will write to you all!

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coralgibson said...

Hi Grandson, You are so awesome and have grown more so as the months have passed. I am sending a picture and an article from Church News about a missionary endeavor of your great-great-great-great grandfather Jacob Foutz.