Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great things come through Obedience

Dear Familia:
Great things are meant to stay together! haha, so Ellsworth and I are going to be staying together for another move!!! WOOT WOOT. It is exciting as we have become really good friends and work well together, and I learn everyday from him.
Many great things have been happening in terms of the work. There is an amazing lady Fumi that is getting baptized this Sat., she is so ready even though we haven't taught her that much, she has such great faith and is so believing and a strong, smart women. We also have a sweet new lady named Margret that is now getting baptized on the 13 of March; she is so cool as well. There are also those two sweet kids that are getting baptized on the 27th of February, and a man named Clemence getting baptized on the 6th of March. Now I ask myself how does the Lord do such great work, because I can honestly say it is not us but him. All of these people are referrals, from members, and other missionaries. The true key to success is for people that are friends with non-members is to invite them to learn, to watch a DVD, to have a chat about life and what they believe in and why, to allow the spirit to prick their hearts, but we must help them be in an environment in which this can happen. This is what people have been doing for us and it has been amazing to see how successful it is if the person is ready and makes the right choice to at least try and test what we give them and invite them to do. Some cool miracles have been happening with that and also with teaching less-actives, it really is so fun and exciting to be able to go and teach a less-active family because you know the flame is in there, it is just faint and you can work with God in feeding the flame and getting a large fire going. This work is so great, it’s fun and happy and joyful. Sometimes it is hard but for every 100 hard things the 1 amazing thing the lord does and shows you makes you forget all the 100 hard things. As I have started over in reading the Book of Mormon a little while ago I am so amazed and inspired by the attitude of Nephi, among all these bad and hard things he really was always strong and stead fast and this because the Lord had personally reveled the truths of the kingdom to him. He then nourished this small testimony and because of this he endured to the end in a great way and has provided us with the hope and the teachings from the savior for us to keep on going.
This past little bit has been great, learning and continuing to grow and the thing I keep realizing is God does the work and creates the results if we put in our personal effort and then we can be a part of it if we do it his way which is the best and only right way. We must come to terms with this. I love this work, I am sad and slightly scared that there is only 6 months left of full time missionary service for me, but I am excited to work with the Lord in seeing many, many great and amazing life changing miracles happen.
Mission life is good, the food has been amazing as of late and I thank many of the sweet members and investigators for this. Also it is so wonderful just getting to meet new people every day and learn about them and why they do what they do and what their dreams and hopes are in life and the concerns and struggles they have and how you can be a guide to lead them to the correct path that is the only path where they can truly find all that there searching for. This is the path, The Plan of Salvation, which is carried out by the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness as restored by Jesus Christ through his humble and amazing servant Joseph Smith. I know it’s the true and the only path. I love you all, thanks for everything you all do, your love and support and examples. Yes I did get Tyson and Shawnee’s letter:) And I just got one from you with the handwritten letter and talk. Tell everyone hi and I love them. I hope your week is busy busy and fun!

Much love from Elder Garren Allred

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