Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seek Yea First!

Thanks for all you do family! You all are truly a light to me; I love you all so much. Thanks for the sweet goodies, they are much enjoyed and we feel blessed to have people love us as much as you all do, and  to take the time and effort to send that and an e-mail every week, it makes a guy feel loved and what more can you want in life than to be loved by others. Thank you. Well this last week I learned so many great lessons of which I shall share a few with you.
First and foremost is to actually trust Heavenly Father, really believe that all things will be alright, have hope and wait for what he shall give us. At the start of last week things were going OK in the work not as great as we would of liked, some investigators started to waiver and fall off the charts, they began choosing to follow strange and diverse paths which is unfortunate to see because they miss out on the promised blessings from the lord which are far greater than anything we can attain on our own. Among these people are two amazing kids we are teaching, Benji & Tracy, from Ghana/Germany, they are the children of a recent convert of 7 or 8 months. They don't speak the best of English, well Tracy doesn't but Benji does pretty good. They are so smart and ask such good questions and are really in search of answers, and they are getting them and soon will be baptized by their father at the end of this month. The difference between these people and other people me meet are what they are seeking for in their life. These kids are close with their family and desire to know truth. They are seeking after the right things and because of that they are progressing in the gospel, and as for others that don’t progress it is their own choice and many times they allow Satan to blind them into following the wrong path. I feel this relates to each and every one of us in our lives, we must evaluate daily, weekly and so on of what we are seeking in life and what is the eternal value of that, then we must decide what is most worth our precious time in this mortal state. I love the gospel and how it opens up my eyes to see these things so I can avoid being blinded by the adversary. We also have another sweet lady preparing for baptism soon, Fumi; she is a star and so fun and smart I really enjoy teaching her because she wants to be taught and has the right motives and heart.  On Fri. afternoon, as we went to go and get something from another companionship in our zone we met one of our investigators on the street. He is probably one of the smartest men I have met. When we first met him he had connected that the book of Mormon and bible work together and are both true and connected that to the apocrypha and how these all work together and they are all true. He had scriptures all over this white board on the wall it was quite intense as we talked and shared some things with him. It went okay, he didn't accept some things we said but we planned on going back. As we met him this day on the street, it started to get heated as he was trying to be confrontational as he wanted answers about things and we tried answering but it wasn't going well, I tried to help but I just kept making it worse so it ended as he was towering over me, and elder Ellsworth told him we can’t answer the questions you have in the way you want it. No good feelings were in me as we left and I really did feel bad that we couldn't answer him and help him to understand and as we talked about it Ellsworth helped me to realize that some people don't actually want our answers, and there are none as blind as those who will not see. It was an extremely intense experience that taught me to be more quite and listen to the spirit instead of just trying to answer a question all on your own, also that only those who want to be taught will be taught. Overall it was a great week with many learning experiences, experiences of being guided and directed as we were teaching the glorious truths of the gospel.  I love this work so much; I just think it is so exciting to be involved with Heavenly Father in helping to bring salvation to the human soul. I am for sure sending that package today with some goodies in it and an SD card so let me know when you all get it. Tell everyone hi.
I worked with an Elder Christiansen from Delta Utah when we went on exchanges with the AP’s, it was great. We brought this drunken guy into the church and taught him, he was so funny and was really interested despite him being drunk. So everyone have a great week and enjoy it all, I love you all so much and remember who to seek and what to seek first!

Elder Garren Allred

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