Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Fantastic week, well mostly

Trials are meant for our eternal gain but sometimes when we are caught up in them they only seem stupid and we wish they could be over. This last week I had three driving lessons from elder Ellsworth and it took up so much of our missionary time, then on Thursday I had my practical driving test which is where you have to drive around with this guy and he makes sure you are driving properly. Well I felt pretty confident that I was going to pass, slightly nervous. Well after driving with this guy for an hour I pulled up at the test center and sure enough I failed, I did alright but not good enough so now more money and time before I can officially drive here in England. After this I will admit I was quite frustrated and sad and just plain annoyed. Well in the end it did no good letting this affect me and in all honesty it didn’t really because after that we had zone training and we were teaching something so I was back into it all. It just taught me how we mustn’t let other things act upon us, we must act upon them and "come off a conqueror". This last week was really good, many great blessings. An amazing lady named Fumi is preparing for baptism and also a great guy named Henry Kanu is preparing for baptism coming up soon in Feb. Fumi is so great she has been searching for the right church and feels now she has found it, she had such great questions and was so kind, it was a pleasure to teach her as she just took it all in. Henry is also a great guy, we were teaching him about a month ago, we lost contact with him, he didn’t seem too interested but this last sun he came to church and really loved it and feels this is the path god wants him to follow and wants to be baptized. This last week some sweet truths have really stuck out to me. You can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to be taught, or it will be pointless to teach someone who really doesn’t care or is not very interested. Someone that hears the father’s voice will be a delight to teach. We had a great Zone Training talking all about being a Finisher, following a talk from Thomas S Monson...."Finishers Wanted" and learned about setting goals and key indicators and creating passion in the hearts of others. It was an overall very spiritual meeting that I really enjoyed. Just last night we had a great miracle, as we only had 30 min before we had to account, we went knocking over near our flat, after a few doors we talked to this semi nice lady from Africa and she let us in to say a prayer with her, as we walked in there were these two guys, one was so rude and un Christ-like we just pretty much walked out....feeling a bit annoyed and in desperate search a new people to teach. We walked not feeling impressed to knock any doors, and then elder Ellsworth and me saw a door we both went and knocked different doors. I met a cool guy from Sierra Leone he was way nice but very very catholic and a bit busy at that time, he said we could pop around later. As I turned elder Ellsworth was right there and a huge smile on his face, he said the lady he talked with was interested and was from Chile. We went back and she let us in, she is 26 and lives with her two brothers and mom. She was as a child, humble, meek, and teachable. An honest seeker of truth. It was a great teach and I felt so peaceful and happy sitting there teaching her. Hopefully next time we will be able to teach her whole family. It is just one more thing that proves to me our Heavenly Fathers love as it is so great and encompassing. I love this work it is so true and it is the only knowledge that will actual help us in a big way in our lives.   
Thanks for your card with all the photos I loved it. My SD card will hopefully be sent this week sorry about that.
Thanks for the awesome story, wow that is great. What a touching experience. We’re teaching Sister Seme's friend tonight and hopefully all goes well. Zone is doing well, everyone gets on really good. Yes had 3 at church this last week, There are recent converts that come to gospel principles class. Hope you all have a fun and enjoyable week. Make someone laugh this next week! Thanks for all you do your all the best ever I love you all so much!!!!


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