Sunday, January 31, 2010

How do we serve God?

The whole purpose and essence of our lives is to become all that we can become and that is to be perfect as the savior so stated it. Perfection is a difficult thing to attain and in looking at it like Mount Everest it seems like a daunting task. In becoming perfect we must be humble enough to take help from others and to take advice on how we can become a better person, not to think we know everything because that will lead to the distruction of ones self. We need to ask ourselves these questions; How do we treat others? How do we serve God?  How do we follow in the Saviors footsteps? How are we doing in attaining perfection?
I have been very inspired by Jeffery R. Hollands talk given to BYU students entitled "How do I Love Thee?"
This last week has been that of many blessing from our Heavenly Father. Tayos baptism was fantastic, she is so amazing and so willing to follow the saviors voice. She is going to have many great and wonderful blessings in her life for the great decisions she is making now and also her 4 year old daughter will be greatly blessed. I feel she has a keen sense of recognizing the spirit.
The kids sound great, haha I can only imagine how funny they are all becoming. We had a great teach with Sika, Maria's neighbor, and just this last Saturday it was her birthday and we went by and dropped off a gift...the book of Mormon.......and talked to her whole family. They are wonderful and very warm and welcoming and we feel they are quite receptive to the gospel, so we will see where it goes from here.
One of the greatest things this last week was our temple conference, there were so many things taught to us from President and Sister Shamo and the Assistants and also a few other wonderful people. The spirit was there in abundance and overflowing to us. I love to feel my heavenly fathers love, to feel his joy and understand his ways is to be truly happy. I loved it all just so much and it makes me try my hardest to become a better person which is what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. The temple was a GREAT place of peace for me to reflect and drink deeply of the living water. This is part of our theme for the next year..... The Bread of Life and the Living Water.
This week shall be exciting as we extend baptismal commitments and establish those who were teaching to help them progress towards conversion to the true gospel of Christ.
I love you all so much thanks for everything that you do for me it is more helpful than you could ever know. Have a good week and as the guy from "Cool Runnings" so poeticly put it "Remember who you are and where you come from".

Love Elder Garren Allred

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