Monday, January 18, 2010

A great Relief!!!

Wow what a great and wonderful week. This morning at 9am I took my driving theory test and thanks to all the help from elder Ellsworth and all the prayers I passed it. Now on to the practical test in a few weeks and I will have a full UK drivers’ license. I felt so relieved when I passed the test, an overwhelming peace came over me. Now I know it is just some silly driving test but it made me reflect how we are here on the earth for a test to prove our love to god, and if we do so I am sure the peace and happiness we will experience will be almost too much to handle. A fullness of joy as the scriptures describe it. Now this silly test for me has played out much like people’s lives, the first time I went to the take the test I totally forgot a paper and I wasn’t even allowed to take the test. This was due to my thinking it was no big deal and not reading the fine print. Waste of life if people don’t search and find out what they need to accomplish in their lives. The second time I knew what I needed to take with me but I lacked on the studying and preparation, I felt I didn’t have enough time to study and there were more important things to do and I didn’t want to spend more money on a silly book to help me study so that time I went and was able to take the test but failed, I was close but not close enough. So with the encouragement of others and a strong push from President Shamo I took it again, but this time I didn’t make the same mistakes as the first two times and the outcome was glorious a near perfect score. Now why did I tell you this somewhat pointless story, because our lives are like this, many people will make the first two mistakes and never learn from them and never get what they really want in life and have true freedom and only after putting in the time and effort to do the right thing will we be able to succeed at it and pass. Let’s all pass the test of this mortal life and go on to greater glory and live with heavenly father and Jesus Christ in the celestial kingdom. So that was my lesson learned for the week.
This last week was good, been struggling to find people that are good to teach, most of the people we were teaching turned into wasters and are no longer interested but heavenly father has given us some revelation for us that we are going to run with in our area to do more work and build up the kingdom in a great way. Tayo that sweet lady is getting baptized this next Sat. and we are so so so excited for her. she is so ready and is going to make a great member of the church and wow is it going to affect her daughter that is only 4 years old ,how great that is. We had a ZLC (zone leader council) at presidents’ house this last Fri. and it was great to be there with them and feel of their spirit and hear some intense and amazing stories. I love you all and thank you for all you do. I can’t say that enough you’re the best. Keep me in your prayers to finish my drivers’ license stuff that would be grand:) Have a great week and read Acts 5, and 20 amazing chapters with great stories about the early missionaries in Christ’s days.
Also go to BYU speeches and Look up LeGrand Richards talk about missionary experiences. Enjoy these gospel gems. Thanks for the food it was great, also if you’re sending a package you don’t need to put anything in it for winter as it is pretty much over. You could throw in that book from Tad R Callister, "The Inevitable Apostasy". Yeah I hear about my other companions ever so often, I will update you about them later.
Love you all have a great week.
Elder Allred

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