Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happ New Year All Yall!!

The Lord shall lead us not knowing before hand what you shall do
New years was great! Nope we haven't got the box from Tescos yet, and me and Elder Ellsworth are staying together here for at least another six weeks. Waaahooooooo! I am so glad your getting excited about your new calling, hey that movie is sweet we watched part of it at a members home, also when I was in pool we saw part of it being filmed, and I know some of the people they interviewed, man the youth of the church are so wonderful and strong. Yeah Maria treats us so kind, she is the best. They don't really do much of anything on new years here except a massive party up at the bridge and loads of drinking and people being crazy. Yes we had a great start to the new year with a baptism of Henry Hyde, a amazing guy that really understands the gospel and the doctrine sometimes just astonishes him and he seems to be so happy to learn of these great restored truths. Everyone else is coming along just great, We have 3 more people preparing for baptism so far in this month of Jan, This sweet lady Tayo is a referral from some recent converts, and she is getting baptized on the 16th, she really in so interested and seems to be happier as she grows closer to her heavenly father. Man loads of crazy things are happening now as we were supposed to have a mission conference at the temple but due to crazy weather it has been postponed and travel and missionaries going to there new areas is all up in the air. So i will have to keep this short. Let us know what's happening with Tescos, let Maria know and she can tell us when it shall come.
Have a great week and love you all lots. Thanks for everything and all the prayers and support.

Love Elder Allred

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