Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year

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Dear All;
Hey thanks for answering the phone when I called it was sweet to talk to you all! :) Yeah Elder Ellsworth and I are doing great; I really enjoy serving with him. Sweet Quilt you all got that is so nice of everyone. It was so fun to speak with Kyle & Heather and all the kids; I am so excited for them to keep growing and what not. 
You will do great with your new calling mom, it is so fun and exciting to be a teacher, it’s one of my most favorite things to do. Ha-ha well hope everything works out with ASDA. Thanks for all of your support and testimonies I strengthens me to hear all of these wonderful things from you all. This weekend after Christmas was great, we had some good teaches and 6 great people come to church, a sweet family from Nigeria, that is the niece of one of the High Council men from our ward. She and her husband are really interested in the gospel, and surprised us by coming to church, it was so sweet. I love the gospel so much and how it really can help us if we will just let it, it’s all so simple we just must choose to do what is right and actual in the end or even in the middle it is easier to choose that. God is reaching down with his hand we must choose to grasp onto it and never let go. I shall be sending an SD card home this week, let me know when you get it and ahhhh moves is finishing next week. So we won’t be e-mailing next Monday, will be on Thurs again. Have a great week and enjoy life and have fun and make the gospel fun as well!!!

Love Elder Allred

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