Monday, October 26, 2009

We Must Go Forward

This week has been full of many great and wonderful learning experiences. I feel the greatest thing that I have learned this week is to wait for the spirit to prompt you and begin to speak through you. How important it is to allow the spirit to speak is truly the essence of teaching as Christ would teach. This week we had not many teaches, and that was very sad but we did all we could to find some cool people and we did find a few and the lord blessed us in many other ways. The Polish family is not really showing a big interest in the gospel but tonight we are going by with a member that speaks Russian because the father of the family speaks Russian, and we are going to find out their level of interest and see if we will be able to keep teaching them and if they will except a baptismal date. On Fri. we had ZoKos and it was amazing. The spirit that was there was so powerful and strong you couldn’t help but feel the love of god at that time. We learned about Baptism and the doctrine behind it and why it is so so so very important, and it was fantastic, many things started to come into my mind about baptism and how vital of a role it plays in our progression in this life and how the Holy Ghost plays a huge part in what comes from baptism and receiving that remission of sins. We learned about rejection and how to not get down and how it will be hard and to lift our head up and press forward, this last week was filled with a lot of people rejecting this great gift we have, it didn’t hurt them to reject me, what hurt the most is they are going nowhere in life and are missing out on greater joy and happiness that only obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ can offer. Satan has blinded so many people so well and it is sad to see them like this, but if there is one thing I have learned it is to never slow down from lack of progression, we must work harder, smarter, and closer with the lord. I love this work with all my heart, I know it is the work of our Heavenly Father, this is true, he lives and loves us, he is truly guiding us through a living prophet and apostles, the Book of Mormon is the most powerful and correct source for us to drink from that spiritual well of water, I love what he teaches me as I read from those words. The power and influence of the Holy Ghost is real and the most glorious thing we can enjoy from our Heavenly Father; it is his way of connecting and teaching us truth. We must always go forward in our life and bring everyone else with us. I love you all, you are the greatest family and friends; you are a joy and inspiration to me each and every day! Tell Sister Jordan Hulet hi and keep up the good work! Make sure you just send packages to the office and it should be alright! Keep it up mom with your primary kids you are doing a great job I am sure of it! Love you all and make it the best week ever.
PS: Elder Foong is great, so humble and willing to do anything, also he is teaching me a bit of Chinese even though I am rubbish. We are having a great time together.

Love elder Allred


Kendra Haynie said...

Deniece! Thanks so so much for always posting Garren's emails! I get so excited at the beginning of every week to read what he has to say! Thank you for taking the time so we can also know the weekly update on Elder Allred! For some crazy reason, he always says something every week that just really hits home for me and that I really needed to hear! Love you and can not wait to see you again!! :)

KLmum said...
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