Monday, October 19, 2009

Golden is Right!

Life is made up of experiences, if we choose to see what is positive from those experiences our lives will be filled with joy and knowledge, happiness and fulfillment. Elder Foong and I have already had some great experiences together what a blessing it has been to be able to be with him and learn and grow together in a new area. Elder Peterson mom can tell you all about Brixton’s my new area, he served here!!!:) No car, Busses and trains and tubes or underground thingy’s. We are a ways from my last area. The ward is called the Clapham Common Ward. We are the only one that lives with the member her name is Maggie; she is a sweetheart, from Gayna in South America and just makes us laugh. Don’t do too much cooking but I have been able to use my skills a tiny bit just not enough time to do such things. There are loads of homes and loads of people it crazy I love it so much. There are so many people from so many different countries it is amazing. Just on sat we had an amazing experience when walking up a road near our flat elder Foong stopped this polish lady and we invited her to church, the next day we went to go with her but she said she couldn’t so we were bummed but she said to come back later that night and we did and taught a whole Polish family, they are so kind and amazing and the father was so respectful and the son he helped to translate a lot for us and it was just a huge miracle we are teaching them all again on Tuesday so I hope and pray they progress and come to church so a great family can grow closer and stronger. Our investigator from Brazil moved to Norway but hopefully the missionaries will get in contact with him over there. But no worries we are teaching another lady from Brazil on Tuesday, she was so nice and were way excited about that:)
Yep got the letter and ensign article before I left:) So my new comp is amazing he is funny and so willing to do anything to try and do whatever is asked of him. What a humble and loving guy. He is called to speak Mandarin Chinese, so hopefully we can use that skill and start teaching some people that speak that language. I have seen elder Roberts a few times but not really splits at all or what not. The ward and people here are the best, so hard working and they just really love the gospel it is fantastic. The Bishop is just one amazing guy that makes you feel good about yourself, I hope we can do all we can to strengthen and lift up the ward and bring in some more strong priesthood holders. I love this work so much family, it is truly the work of the lord, divine help comes from above and it has changed my heart and desires, what joy comes to my soul when I feel the love from my father in heaven. He is there and he does truly love us, this is the greatest stuff in the world and we all must allow it into our lives and then to live it each day really live it and change. I am learning that I am constently changing out here and hopefully becoming a more Christ like person and that is what this life is all about, even though some many think otherwise they are very wrong. Live it, love it and laugh it all up.
Have the best week ever and tell everyone hi and love them very much.

Elder Garren Allred

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KLmum said...

Hi! To Elder Allred's parents and all his families members. I am Carol, Elder Adrian Foong's mum from Malaysia. I enjoyed reading Elder Allred's blog. He has such strong testimony of the gospel. Elder Foong said he is so happy to have Elder Allred as his trainer as well as his companion, and I know he will learn much goodies form Elder Allred. I want to thank you for the Hallowen gifts he received from you. We had not sent him anything except email. We do not know what we can or cannot do for him. Any guidance and advice from you will be greatly appreciated. Malaysia church membership is small and for this year 2009, probably, there are 5 young people going on mission including Elder Foong. We need to learn from you as to what we can do for our missionaries. Anyone who wish to share with us thier advices, please email to my email : . Thank you. Best Regards to all. Carol