Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Lord Knows what he is doing!

Well so much has happened I will try to explain to you what I can with the time I have. Thanks for the package sent to the office I got it mom:) So big news I am no longer in Woodley I am now in London again, in Clapham or better know as Brixton. I am Training a new missionary again, he is amazing I already know I am going to learn so much from him and all the different life experiences that we have both had. His name is Elder Foong from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. I am not quite sure where that is at exactly but it sounds cool. He speaks Malay and mandarin and English. His mom and sister are members but his father passed away 4 years ago. I feel so blessed to be with him and be able to learn and grow together. So elder Zimmer and I finished off our moves together real nice, the lord blessed us with a great family to teach a Monday and two sons and a daughter. A member helped introduce us to them and it was just so amazing and hopefully soon they will be preparing for baptism on the 31 of this month. Also that lady named Trisha is doing pretty well just struggling to over come smoking and a few other things but she is a fighter and will soon get baptized. Over the last 1.5 weeks I really have learned so much and have felt so blessed by the lord for the outpouring of blessings he is always giving us. This is the fullness of truth restored by our savior and heavenly father my heart feels the truth of it and in my mind it is all so simple and clear the gospel just plain makes sense. I truly thank you all for everything you have done all you have taught me and helped me with. I love missionary work it has so much JOY involved in it. I feel extremely excited to train again and have the lord humble me again and teach me so many things just as he always does. One thing I have really been working on is prayer and making my prayers more heartfelt and meaningful and sincere, this has greatly changed my heart and given me new strength and a greater desire to work harder and with the spirit of the lord. Blessings and Miracles come by faith and this is shown in our prayers. I have seen and felt the power of some investigators prayers and when done with the right attitude and heart so many things begin to happen. I hope you start feeling better mom you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the amazing story of missionary work what great things are happening to bring people true and lasting happiness. Glad to hear you got the box back:) My DI suit is in RED RUTH in a closet hahaha it was fun and great while it lasted. Mom I love you so much your the best ever, I love everyone and please keep me in your prayers so I cant help this amazing new missionary become a great servant of the lord and I am going to need guidance being in a new area and all.
We live with a member and she is a sweetheart. Recently I have learned so much from 4th Nephi and all that we must do to stay in a state of constant peace and happiness, what a blessed people they were but they forgot to remember what the lord had taught and done for them and how much we must never forget these basic and most important truths of the restored gospel. I love the savior and my heavenly father I love this work and I know it is all true, I just know it with all of my heart and soul that this is what matters most. Have the best weekend ever and I will e-mail on Monday as normal :)

Love you all
Elder Garren Allred

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