Monday, October 5, 2009

Aiming High!!

WOW! what a conference weekend, loved every minute of it and felt so uplifted and my strength returned. We are so truly blessed to have a prophet and apostles and those being led by the lord to teach and reveal truths to us and to help us make it happily through our mortal state. I took so much from what they said, the Passion from Holland needs to be us, the love and understanding of repentance from Anderson, and the way we should be with Love that president Uchtdorf taught us. It was a spiritual boost from the lord. We were able to go to every session of conference, they were delayed except for a few live sessions but it was truly fantastic. The week we had was nice as well. Met a cool new guy from Gambia, that is some very different religion but he seems quite interested in what we have to say and he came to conference on Saturday night and thought it was alright also Amauri came as well but we found out he might be moving to Norway before the months over, so we might see if he would like to get baptized before he goes. We shall see, but he is doing amazing and such a great guy, he is planning on coming to work in Cedar City (Brian Head) maybe next year which would be sweet! On Tuesday I went on exchange in Oxford, didn’t get to see much as we were running mad in traffic and from teach to teach with 2 really young missionaries, it was way fun to feel the spirit working with them not knowing beforehand what they should do it is great. Also had a meeting with the stake president and President Shamo to discuss the whole stake and it was really good, some new ideas and great things are coming into play and the work is going to go forth in a great way. It is really exciting. We are really helping this one lady change her life and get her going in the right direction. It is so hard for some people and I do feel so much sorrow for her, her pain and all that she has been through, but as sad as it is all of this has been brought upon by small decisions to not follow our father in Heaven and his commandments, and it has had a huge and devastating impact upon her life, but what a blessing it is that our savior has provided a way back, the atonement provides a way back no matter what we have done, so we can always turn back to our father in heaven, this vital doctrine is and will ever stand as the most amazing thing to me and the act of love and unselfishness makes me stand in awe and wonder. By really living the gospel and letting it sink deep into our souls we can allow the savior to heal us and help us not only to return to our father in heaven in eternal joy and happiness, but we may be healed NOW. This is what the restoration was all about, we just need to step up to the plate and do what must be done and act as the savior would. Family I love you all so much and friends and everyone, I truly know god our spirit father lives and loves with a capacity we cannot comprehend. He has sent his son in his infinite love to do what we alone could not do, and they came again to restore eternal truths through a boy that was searching for simple truths. This is the fullness of joy, ONLY found in living by the guidelines our heavenly father has reveled through his holy prophets since the beginning and as he continues to reveal today. The Holy Ghost has taught me this, in such a way that no words can explain how I feel when my heavenly father teaches this and brings to remembrance what has always been and will always be. Live it and love it:)
So glad you all had a great weekend! So glad the package has been found:) Sorry if it was my fault it got lost. I will let you know when I get the one from the mission office. Thanks for the amazing poem. Yeah Bahama Mama hotdogs, Trevor introduced me to them. I love loads of things over here, it is all good!!!! No I haven’t heard from Trevor lately... let me know how he is. Nope nothing, I am doing great don’t need anything, just lots of prayers for the people of Reading and us missionaries:)
Milk bottles from a member that gives us milk ever once in a while and we just wanted to see how high we could stack them:) Yeah they treat us nice; the flat is well posh, lush beds so comfortable. Haven’t heard from Coxey or Chris or really much of anyone but they are always in my prayers I love these people in England they keep teaching me so much. Have the best week ever!!!!! Tell me one cool miracle that happens this next week! I love you all so much and thanks for all that you do and the support it means the world to me and helps so much:)

Elder Garren Allred

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