Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The letter this week is to his dad as he didn't receive one from me because of Yahoo mail problems,(not sure what)but it finally went after the fact. Anyway he did receive his dads letter so he wrote his dad. It's a great letter so enjoy, just didn't answer all the questions I always ask.
Dear Dad;
What a great blessing it is to be able to serve our Heavenly Father full time and do this the most amazing and life changing work. It has been the greatest blessing to me to see and assist our father in this great work. This week we were given many blessing, and it all comes according to our faith. This polish family we are teaching is amazing, so kind and respectful, their daughter and her friend came to church this last Sunday and it was exciting to see young people so interested in the things they can’t see, and to exercise such great faith. The rest of the family was not as keen on going to church but with time they will feel and understand the importance of acting upon this message and accepting in with all their heart. The two girls loved church and the young women did a fantastic job at fellowshipping and making them feel welcome, this ward does such a great job at that, making everyone feel loved just like a real family. Had the opportunity to go on exchanges with our Zone Leaders this last week and it was great, I learned so much from Elder Ellsworth, such an excited and humble guy that truly wants to help people to be blessed by this great gospel. We experienced many miracles with different people we met and the lord leading and guiding our path. There is one man though that elder Foong and I stopped this last Tue. that I really loved, he was truly a Christ-like man. Edgar from Portugal. He is probably in his fifties, very smart and loves the lord, so warm and receptive to what we have to share, he was an honest seeker of truth. As we spoke with him I just felt so impressed that this man is going to be the means of changing many many lives, I felt his love and compassion for us someone he just met on the street, it is my utmost hope that soon we can teach him and his family, with his busy schedule it is going to be tuff, but I feel that it shall all work out. Elder Foong has been so great this last weekend, I had some funky headache thing and he gave me a blessing and just helped me to feel better. What a great guy, he is learning lots and picking it up fast. A few things have impressed me lately that I would like to share, first is, Not losing sight of what is most valuable and worth it. We must not become preoccupied with things that will waste away our time. To improve and become better we truly must seek the eternal. Also as I have allowed the scriptures to really speak to me, I have gained knowledge for myself about many great and wonderful things, I love the scriptures they can and will have a more powerful effect upon us than most anything else. They will convince us of the error of our ways and bring us closer to God and as were closer to God we are happier and more joyful full of love, we can then help others if they themselves what to be helped. If they don’t want to be helped we must learn to love them no matter what and as the savior said ask our father to forgive them because they truly know not what they do. I love you all and thank you for supporting and helping me to serve. You’re the best family ever and provide much joy to my heart knowing that our family can and will be forever! Love every day and have a great week!
PS: Hi to everyone, tell Brother Angus hi and all the priest to keep it up and fully prepare themselves to serve a mission. Enjoy the winter months fast approaching:)

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