Thursday, September 3, 2009

WOW! So much change, it's crazy!

So, I have left Poole and now am in Woodley, Reading Zone Leaders area! So much time has passed and it is all so crazy how fast life goes and how much the lord blesses us.Very sad to leave all those amazing people that I have come to love so very much in Poole and I have been changed by all the great things that have happened in that area, the lord is truly mindful of us and our needs, what a blessing it is to have this great knowledge.

New flat is amazing so very will soon follow.
DA's in Poole pretty much every day it was amazing and way fun to get to know the members and see how much they cared about missionary work. New area don't know yet????
Yes Elder Orme did all the driving and now I am with Elder Zimmer and he has a license as well so he will be doing all the driving as well and hopefully I will pass and get it all sorted. Yes I did get a backpack, its amazing, waterproof so my stuff stays safe. Some sight seeing not too much did a bit in Poole.
There has been a lot of people baptised but me personally in Poole has only been Joan Caines. I will send a letter with all that information :) No Austin was in Welling and never got baptised:(
Elder Zimmer has been out a few more months then me he is from Bountiful, Ut and is a great guy, he was trained in Redruth just like me and served with Elder Peterson for 6 weeks. So many amazing people in Poole doing so great, that man from china has a date for the 26 of Sept for his baptism, he is so amazing and such a great guy, I bet one day he will be a seventy in China! Had loads of changes this week with transfers and it has been intense. Am so excited about my new area, to see the lords hand in bringing about many miracles and blessing the lives of all the people in Woodley. Its always exciting to met a new ward as well and just is going to be a great time meeting new faces and have great experiences. I love the gospel so much and love Jesus Christ, to know him is to feel love from him and wow how much love I feel from him as i learn of him and try to become more like him each day of my life, its hard but so great. I truly know because of the sure witness of the holy ghost that these things are true so many wonderful things like knowing we have a father that is watching out for us loving us and helping us, teaching us with so many things like a prophet, the scriptures and life's experiences.
Hey mom I miss you too your amazing and so great easily the best mom ever, thanks for all that you do your love and support it means the world to me. Tell everyone hi and to have a amazing time with school.
I will be e-mailing Mon as normal so have a great weekend and I will be sure to bear my testimony:)
Love you so much, and everyone take care
Elder Allred

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