Monday, August 24, 2009

Preparation Takes Time

What a week full of miracles and fun and lasting joy and happiness, cant believe I get to do it again this next week but maybe a bit better!

Flag is Welsh:), so glad you got the package. Failed the Theory test.....:( so close too, I don't know if I will take it again as it all cost so much money.....sorry about that. But hey I laughed about it because what can you do but come what may and love it'. Sorry about the guy coming, but he already did....they had a family reunion up at a chapel on Leigh Hill. That's so amazing about Angie tell her congrats from me and for Jon as well!!!! Doing much better with Journal writing and I have plenty thanks though. Zone is doing alright trying to get it on the up and up, kind of a lull right now so we all need to pick it up and allow the Lord to help us out. There are 6 other areas in our zone so 12 missionaries.
So miracle first, this morning before we came to e-mail we stopped into this Chinese guys shop to teach him about the BOM and gave him one and we are taking him on a chapel tour this next Wensday. So amazing it was and he is so prepared, he has been in England for 17 years and his shop is on the end of our street so he has be said hi to us many a time and befriended us for all this time but know one shared the gospel with him till now, he wants to find the truth and has such a willing heart it is amazing and exciting. Alan, from Hong Kong. It is so amazing how just being nice and friendly with someone totally prepares them to receive the restored gospel, and then we just need to have the courage to share it and boldly bare our testimony and they WILL fill the power of the holy ghost and in all hope act upon those things to have a life they could ever have following their Father in heaven and his way.
My study this last week has been so amazing I am just so excited about the BOM, in Jan I started reading it for the 1st time like actually reading it and taking it in from Cover to Cover, I just finished Alma this week and I am in aw as I read and pray and feel the peace and understanding as the scriptures nourish my soul. I am so excited to finish it all and then start all over. I have read it once before but not really READ it not like I have now and it is so great!
Have an amazing week love you all family!!!!!

Elder Allred

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