Monday, August 17, 2009

Healthy Physcially & Spiritually

What an amazing week filled with some amazing experiences. I love missionary work and meeting new people and getting to know them and help them see the greater perspective of life. I had a slight cold but it got kicked fast. Yes I got both MOM cds:) Yes Got the SD card as well:) Let me know when you get the Package I sent it should be there soon?:) So this last Monday we were out knocking after teaching a RC(recent convert) Joan, and we buzzed into a flat complex and knocked on some doors, talked to some crazy Russian guy and the next thing we know the guy next door lets us in. He was amazing and we had such a spiritual and smooth and amazing teach, one of the best ones I have been in and I just knew that heavenly father was working through us, as we finished it off and left his house, I was jumping for joy like I had just scored the winning goal in a big futball match, it was so much fun and amazing. Also this Wednesday we had zone meeting and elder Orme and I gave a presentation and we came up with 'The Nine Strings of Unity'. These nine points will unify anyone attached with scriptures and a string with a cool quote, I will send you a copy of it all this next week. It was amazing and then later that night we had a short exchange with the assistants and I was with elder Binks, oh man we had a good time, we knocked into these younger people and taught them the restoration, this 16 year old girl totally felt the spirit, her sister’s boyfriend left the room and she told us she had this funny filling down in her belly like a warm fuzzy feeling when we shared the first vision. It was so cool and this next week we're hoping we can go by and teach the whole family. Also on Sunday we parked the car and walked to a DA we had, and met some amazing people, this one cool experience: this girl in her mid 20’ies she was carrying some KFC and was crossing the road so I started to talk with her and she was way cool and laughing and we walked across the street and taught her a little more and invited her for a chapel tour, it was amazing because she was so interested and happy and excited. Also on that same walk, a man from Madrid tapped me on the shoulder and tried to speak in his broken Spanish, anyway he was amazing and asking us all sorts of questions and it was so funny because we really couldn’t speak to him but we tried for like 20 min. and gave him some stuff and told him when he goes back to Spain to look it up and he was excited to! So much amazingness, the lord puts people in our path to treat them as he has treated us, with unconditional, love and care and concern.
Hey Kyle we’re teaching this amazing man from Fiji he is in the Army and is getting baptized on Sept. 12, he is so amazing and is totally seeking out the gospel and embracing it and it has brought peace and happiness more fully into his life. He is such a cool guy and is so nice and willing to learn and follow the lord, I am so excited to keep teaching him. Also some RCs of ours went to a single adult conference in South Hampton and loved it so much and had loads of fun. It’s so exciting to see others excited about the gospel and allow it to really change them and to push through the hard times with the help of the lord. Hello Larissa, Kendra, Mara and Maddie, and Bro. Jones. I will be getting that hat back from you after another Laker Championship this next year:) Yeah Jamie, she will do amazing with Miss SUU, also Erika. You are going to have loads of fun mom I hope you don’t have too much stress:)
Don’t really need anything thanks, the ranch was so so so so so so amazing I, we loved it!
So many good things and things I have learned I cannot write a hundredth part as Mormon would say. But I love you all so much and have a wonderful and amazing week filled with miracles and the hand of the lord in each day, 'love more laugh harder and live better':) Thanks for the e-mails and support your all the best ever.
Kyle and Heather and kids thanks for the awesome Video I loved it so much and was cracking up, they are all so cute and growing up so much it is crazy, you’re amazing parents and are such great examples to me, I love you all and hope you have a great week.
All My love
Elder Allred

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tay said...

Hi Elder, I was Baptised in Poole (I'm British), had lived there for many years. Life is full of surprises, it became clear looking at the locations of visitors viewing your blog i have lived in either near or all of the locations.

I have lived in UT, at Tooele, lived in Central London, (now North London, Finchley), and know Provo.

It changed my life for good the day two missionaries visited, it has been blessed but sad too. I guess, I hope you do well in serving Heavenly Father. The only thing i regret is not always being able to attend church.

I always wondered where some of the missionaries originated, and then one day i found a miracle, myself in UT! I still do miss the mountains, my favourite was Bountiful and the views over Salt Lake and the Temple. Today, i have traded the I80, for the routine of the M25 (shame!)

May you have a great time in my Country, my regards to fellow Bro's and Sis's in Poole Ward, Taylor Johnson (formerly, Clive Brown)