Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Great New Area, A Great Companion, A Great Work!!

It is a great place just out in the suburbs of London. Yep still a ZL with Elder ZIMMER, we have 6 other companionships in our zone, 2 new missionaries and 4 total sisters, 2 from Germany. No small package yet, will probably get it from Elder Orme tomorrow as we have a meeting at president’s house.
The new area is great, a little mix of everything really, quite a few English people and a little bit of everything else. I also bore my testimony yesterday and it was nice, I remembered you were going to bear yours and that was in my mind but I didn’t cry sorry:) I wish I would of done a lot of things, Take the gospel a little more serious, share the gospel with friends more , try and seek for opportunities to do that, show more love and respect to all my family, learn to teach more in church or at school and how to use and apply the scriptures, learn to be less selfish and more charitable. Probably could think of loads more if I had time to think about it all.
No mess ups with laundry ha-ha knock on wood :) Not too much reminds me of home, I mean England really isn’t too much different or so it feels like that now. The culture is mixed but mostly British. Tell Duke and Mary Fern HI. I have used the recipe book a few times, but I should use it more,thanks for the reminder. Yeah Elder JUDD he is cool, came out when I was training Elder Toyn so about 4 and half months now. Yeah SUU won that’s awesome hope they keep it up, have fun in San Diego enjoy the sunshine. Tell Marsha hi and thanks for everything she did for me and that wonderful job it really helped out a lot to work there and talk with all those return missionaries I loved it.

We are teaching some great people right now but not too much exciting stuff, hopefully soon though because we want to find a family like mid thirties and what not so I am feeling more miracles from our Heavenly Father coming soon. So many amazing people though here in Reading, some Less Active that are coming back to church and loads of recent converts so we have been busy teaching and some little finding. Attitude is everything mom you are so right! That’s why I love reading the scriptures every morning because it just gives you a good attitude for the day and lifts you up builds your faith and gives you the strength and courage to face the storms of life, what power in such a small thing, the world really does treat it as a thing of naught, we really need to help them see how amazing the scriptures are. This is truly the fullness of joy serving others and in turn being served by the love of god, I know he lives he is our spiritual dad speaking and is looking out for us day in day out, what a loving brother in Jesus Christ we have to lay down his life so we can all be back together someday and progress and move forward upward and onward. Love you all and thanks for everything you do, your all the best ever, have an amazing week and enjoy the days as they come :)

Elder Garren Allred

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