Thursday, September 17, 2009

This week has been fantastic what a blessing it is to serve the savior by helping others to understand the atonement so that his sacrifice will not be in vain. We have had such a busy week, ZLC on Tues. that was amazing as we were able to have a great discussion and learn from the spirit and one another. We have been talking about this thing called the 4th missionary and how there are 4 types of missionaries and how we must all become like the 4th missionary which in essence Christ is the greatest example of that. it is a long thing written up by a mission president in 2002 and now he is in the 70 and it has been wonderful teaching us how really everything were giving back to Christ is not really that much because it has been all given to us by him anyway and the greatest thing we can and must give in order to become perfect pure and clean is our will our choices must become his choices our will needs to be thrown out the window and to chose the best will which is that what our heavenly father wants us to do. what a hard thing but it can be done and just like you said dad with the small things, diligently study the scriptures, sincere prayer, going to church meetings with full purpose of heart these small but simple things turn the hinge on our gate to eternal life. we are teaching a lady that has went through the roughest of the ruff lives, and she is preparing for baptism the 10th of Oct. I hope and pray she will call upon the lord to give her strength to overcome the things of the world in order to have the things of god, eternal joy and true lasting happiness. Something Satan professes to give but vainly cannot for he has nothing of that nature to give, he is so clever and it is so vital for us to know him and his tactics so we can build a safety net around us so that his fiery darts may not get to us. We had just short 3 hour exchanges with elders in Bracknell and Oxford and also some sisters in Baisnstoke. Such wonderful missionaries here in the zone, they teach us so much and help us to learn great lessons of life.
Sounds like you all had a great week, glad you enjoyed San Diego:) thanks for the package it got here safe! Tell Marsha hi and love ya. Ha-ha awesome you met someone from London that’s sweet, how did the little missionary work go with a pass along card and all? ;) HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY GRANDPA GIBSON!!!!!!!! tell him that for me. Dad, sounds like you enjoyed that time with Elder Cook and some of the other amazing men. Thanks for your thoughts and insights I loved them, I would love those notes once you have them typed up and hopefully soon I will send you some stuff you can use with maybe helping with those problems that we so often see in the world. and in the church.
I had a scripture for you in James 1:19, I love the part where it says quick to hear, what a great thing James taught us and I realized how important that is in all aspects of life in relationships in families in church and just in life, the most important thing though is to listen to the quite promptings of the holy ghost and if we are quick to hear those we will be what our heavenly father wants us to be which is something far greater than what we could ever imagine. Soon hopefully we shall go to Oxford and tour the town on p-day and take some photos it does seem like a great place and we met some amazing people there on the street. That Jam sounds well good, save some for me ha-ha or we can just make new stuff. The meeting with president was amazing as I said, he is such a great man that posses so much love it puts me in awe, he is so kind and gentle but firm and clear, so quick to listen and help in any way he possibly can and wants to be right there in the front lines leading the pack. I love him so much and am so grateful to be here serving with him, I learn so much each time we have the chance to talk or to listen to him. President Shamo is the man, reference to 1 Nephi 8....can’t remember what vs. sorry. Their home is in Cobham, Surry the mission office is at the temple in New Chapel, Surry.
Don’t know anything about a postal strike here in Reading but who knows. I hope you start feeling better mom you all are always in my prayers, I love you all so much and am so grateful for all you do and say and the great sacrifices you make to support me out here, it makes it all much easier to have a family like you that is golden! Have a great week and have fun and do something exciting that draws you closer to the savior, maybe read in chap. 9 of Preach my Gospel "go about doing Good" and do something like that this week. I know god loves us I feel it, he does listen to us and he will help us always and he does what will help us most. The book of Mormon is amazing I love it so much it truly is the word of god, a loving and all knowing father. This is the savior’s church being led by prophets and apostles, this is the fullness of the truth here on the earth, how great is this, to have this pure knowledge? I know because it has been made known to me in so many different ways mostly because of the feeling that the holy ghost gives me.

Love you, Later:)
Elder Garren Allred

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