Monday, September 21, 2009

What A Week!!

Well what a week it has been out here, had a zone meeting on wed with President Shamo and the assistants and the great Reading zone. It was a wonderful time, Sister Shamo shared some amazing stories that I just loved so much and was so grateful to know there are so many people out there being Disciples of Christ. Also on Wed. we went on exchanges with the missionaries from Newbury and I went with an Elder Obike from Scotland, it was a great time and we met lots of great people and met a lady that reminded me a lot of Joy and Joan in Poole, her name is June and they are helping her progress towards baptism on the 10th of Oct., she is just a sweet lady that has a great desire to learn of the gospel. Also had an exchange on Sat. with the assistants, I was with Elder Roberts here in his area where he spent 4 1/2 months and it was so great to see the lords hand in the work that night, we stopped by a few people to teach and one thing lead to another and we were at this one amazing ladies house that is a member, but she had just been going through a rough time and Heavenly Father led us to her that evening to bring her comfort and peace in a troubled time. I felt so calm and warm inside as we spoke to her, it is great to know Heavenly Father is always there for us. Church was great on Sunday and a lady gave a talk that I really enjoyed, she talked a lot about going and doing, she took a phrase from Luke, I think which was go and do thou likewise, Jesus said this to his disciples and it was great for me to continue to realize that it truly is all about following in the Saviors footsteps and doing as he did, loving as he loved being as he was. As a missionary you truly have the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, I sometimes just feel frustrated as this message is so clear and simple and profound, yet others are so blinded as to what true happiness really is, it is knowing you have a divine destiny, a loving and perfect father in heaven, a brother that has given up comfort and safety to die and suffer more than what we could ever suffer, just so that we can get back to our father in heaven, it’s about earthy and heavenly families, it’s about faith in something greater and hope in the best and charity with pure intent to just help others when and where ever you can, this is true happiness. It hurts when people are missing out on such things and you do sometimes feel as Alma did in wanting to cry with the voice of an angel. We are teaching a lot of people at the moment that haven’t given it there full heart or allowed god to fully help them and it’s hard because they are the ones that must make the choice to give god the chance to make them great. Thank you for all you do, your great examples of hard work and endurance and love and kindness, mom, dad, Ashlee and Kyle and everyone else I know, I love you all so much. Thanks for what you have taught me and helped me come to know what is true. This next week we have this mission conference with Elder Texeria with everyone in the whole mission coming to Reading!
No foot fungus problems I think:) socks are good. That birthday package didn’t get sent back to you?? Sorry about that mom. So that’s crazy how long dad has been the bishop? Man sounds like you all have a lot going on the next few weeks, enjoy it all so much and tell grandpa and grandma hi as you go visit them and also hello to grandpa and grandma Allred and thanks for the e-mail!
There does seem to be some great history here but we don’t get into that much, also yes blessings have been some on the times when I have felt most joy either being the voice of the blessing or just standing in. What a great thing our father wants to do for us, always help us and give us what we need, all we really have to do is ask and then go to work. Hey have the best week ever!!!! Enjoy your week:)
Love Elder Garren Allred

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