Monday, September 28, 2009

Today is Part of Eternity!

What a beautiful and wonderful week, filled with many great experiences. It was such a blessing to hear from and learn from one of the lords servants. Elder and Sister Texiera were amazing, I learned so much from all the things they shared with us and the stories they shared really increased my faith and gave me some answers I had been searching for. Most of all I felt the quite comforting assurance of the spirit that gave me much strength and personal revelation. We were taught many wonderful things, really just about having everyone do equal work and put the workload across the board and get everyone doing better and rising to their full potentional. It was so amazing to see the whole mission in one building and the spirit and strength that was there was so powerful. It is so important that we are always an example of the lord Jesus Christ; people watch us and learn for the good or bad from what we do and say. So before the conference I went on an exchange to Farnbourgh with elder McLachlan, he is a wonderful missionary, it was a bike area so I had a blast getting to ride bikes around and we just had so many miracles, as we followed the spirit the lord truly placed people in our path that were ready to receive the gospel. I just love it all so much. As well the sisters that are in the Reading ward gave us one of their investigators who they found out lives in our area, he is amazing, Amauri from Brazil and the craziest thing is he worked at Brian head back in 2005-06 and loved it. He is a cool guy and came this last Sunday to church for the first time and hopeful will be preparing for baptism soon! So many blessing come all the time. Then if things can’t get any better than this on Sunday evening as we were out knocking, we got a call and it was Alan the amazing man in Poole from China, well he got baptized and was so happy and told me just how he knew this was all true and that this is the right path for him, he is amazing. That was such a blessing to hear and know that he is doing good even with the hard trials that life sometimes brings us. Also when I was studying this last week I read something that just really struck me and was really profound I thought. The gospel was restored to the earth...'To make life sweet today, to give contentment to the heart today. Some of us look forward to a time in the future, a salvation and exaltation in the world to come, BUT TODAY IS A PART OF ETERNITY!' David O. McKay. I really loved that and it is so true the gospel is here for us now not just for the future, live and enjoy life today by allowing the gospel to become a part of us and love every minute of it. Ha-ha no tom - tom for driving, just Elder Zimmer which in essence is better ,no batteries required well food sometimes so I guess it’s even. Some missionaries do buy them and use them though. Hopefully going to take my driving test within the next 3 weeks I am still studying:) We do have article of faith cards and teach them sometimes to people but I would say we don’t really focus on it enough because the cards are so amazing and beautifully put. Oh man tell elder Peterson hi and much love from his Boy and elder Zimmer says hi as well! Have the best week ever mom and family, love you all enjoy general conference, it is going to be amazing, I am so excited for it and to receive many good things. Tell grandma Gibson hi and great job on giving up snacking:) I would love a photo of all you when you go down for the holiday.
Cheers and Love you all
Elder Garren Allred

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