Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aug 3rd

People change other people’s lives when the spirit changes them and touches their spirit and helps them to realize there is so much more to life than what meets the eye, love and kindness, compassion and patience are some of the greatest things that come from this restored gospel. This week has been amazing, we had a ZLC at Pres. Shamo’s house, it was such a great experience to be taught by him and the spirit, he went through Judges 7 with us describing the story of Gideon’s army and how we are like the 300 battling Satan and with the sword of the lord we can slay him and win the battle. Then also on Wed. we had Zokos here in Poole and again amazing, Sister Shamo taught us about so much and Pres. Shamo went over with us Judges 6 about the type of man Gideon is. We also had Jersey over here on exchange for a bit and we had a crazy rest of the week, prepping for Sandra’s baptism. It went great, the ward was amazing and is always doing so much for us and the missionary work here in Poole, and it is such a blessing to be a part of all these miracles that are happing so often. A member that has been baptized for 1 year invited us over to teach and answer questions for her granddaughter, it was awesome teaching her and then her mom had a few questions, it was just so great to see the gospel answer all the big questions that we have in our heart and how beautiful it is to each receive those answers from our heavenly father in prayer! Also a friend of a member that swim together came to church and is really interested so we will be teaching him this week after he does some family history. I am baffled sometimes here because of all the blessing heavenly father keeps giving us and the members are just doing so much good work and sharing the gospel with all of their friends and being great examples it makes me strive to always be a better servant of the lord! Joy and Joan are getting baptized this sat at 6:30, it’s going to be a very special one as they are both over 70 and have such a loving and great spirit about them. I am just so excited for them to enter into this amazing promise with their heavenly father. Elder Orme is amazing were both having a great time trying our best to lead the zone and help them out in any way we can:)
Hey I am so excited for you all to spend some time at the coast, that’s actually what we did for a tiny bit of p-day, it was nice, we went to the pier and beach in Bournemouth, a really big tourist place. Scoped out some places to play beach football one of these days soon! Loving life right now and forever, I just can’t believe how fast time flies when you’re having fun and seeing the hand of god in your life every day. I love the gospel with all my heart it’s what drives me to be happy, helps me with any problem I need help with, gives me comfort and strength and just plain makes life the best. I am so grateful for all you have done for me and the great examples you all are to me Thanks for putting up with me all those years when I must have been hard to deal with:) God does help us and sends us so many things to assist us in being successful in this life, the Book Of Mormon is one of those huge things, what a blessing it is to have that in our possession, I love reading it and felling the spirit from its pages and learning how I can become better and change to become more like Christ.

Ashlee I hope all is well, sorry you couldn’t go to the coast but hey you are strong:) Hope you enjoy your time with the house all to yourself because it won’t be like that for long:) Have a great week.

Kyle thanks for your video man that was great, you could do those once a month or so that would be sweet! Hope you and Heather and the kids are doing great! Love you all so much, enjoy the beach and all the sweet crab, AHHH it’s amazing and taste so nice. We’re going to see this wicked castle next p-day, a battle took place there and the castle got all messed up.

Dad, hope you had a great time on the river! Can’t wait to see some pictures!

Love you all family and everyone Else!!!!!

Elder Garren Allred

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