Monday, July 27, 2009

Where Much is Given, much is expected!!

Hello me familelia,

What an amazing weekend filled with many blessings from our heavenly father. Elder Orme and I are getting on just amazing and loving it here in Poole, there are just so many amazing people here and I just love it so much. We have Sandra Murphy getting baptised this Sunday after church, she was taught by other missionaries and made the decision to get baptised after going to the temple and coming to others baptisms. It has just been amazing seeing the lord prepare people to receive this glorious gospel. Also the two older amazing grandmas Joy 83 and Joan 71 are getting baptised on the 8th and they are just wonderful. I love them so much and it is great to see these older people accept the gospel. It has made them happier and smile more and really just have a glow about them, every time I walk away from teaching them I can't stop beaming, they are so special and I have learned so much from them and it has just be great.
So glad you are having a good time in Lewiston, tell everyone hi!! I will be doing my License this first part of Aug hopefully all done within the next two weeks, also a plus is when I come back I can get my insurance a lot cheaper for having an international license.
Mom those are amazing stories wow thank you for sharing them with me I loved them so much.
We have been studying this thing about being the best kind of missionary and really the biggest thing I have learned is that we need to not only give of our time and strength, but our heart, so many people in there lives withhold there heart from any and everything and it is mostly due to fear but we always just need to remember to trust our heavenly father and keep him in all the decisions we make in life and we will always be okay, he will never leave us comfortless. :) Sunday was amazing as it was all about missionary work and it just made me think deeply of how much I love these people here in England that have changed my life by them changing there's, I feel so close to them and it really makes me so happy to see them progressing in the right way. Gordon this last week got a calling and is going to receive the aronic priesthood, it is all just so amazing!
Elder Orme is amazing way fun, loves sports and Golf, comes from a great Idaho family and is such a hard worker and loves the people. I am so excited to learn form him and grow.
Have the best week ever love you all so much. On the 5Th of Aug I am taking my Theory driving test, so please pray for me thanks:)

Love Elder Allred

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