Monday, July 20, 2009

Special Letter from Missionary Mum /Transfer Week

This is a letter from a Sister Readhead in Garren's ward in Poole. It is transfer week so we won't get letters until Thurs. She keeps me informed when he is so busy and doesn't have time to write much. She is a sister I connected with from the Missionary Mum website. Boy I really love this connection.
Hi Deniece,
Just to let you know what was happening with your son's parcel. He finally got the ticket with the parcel details to me yesterday. He had been trying all week to drop it by but they have had another very busy week. Apparently they had their car broken into and that took precious time sorting out and reporting to the police etc.. I don't think anything was taken and they are alright. It was done when no one was about.
Anyway I phoned Parcel Force the English end of the USPS, I finally got through to a human being. I found out that they have returned it to the sender! I was unable to find out if there were charges on it. It made no reference to charges on the delivery card so may be the Elders who came after your son in his last area were in and knew about the charges the Postal Services wanted to make! I don't know the whole story but anyway it's apparently on its way back to you. I think it's probably a good idea to send via the Mission home, next time, because I'm sure they would pick up the charges if any were made in the future. But like you said there shouldn't have been any if 'Gifts' were stated on your package.......
Well also, to let you know, your Elder is doing so well, yesterday we had another confirmation from the baptism on Saturday. They also had their investigator class full with so many people. I got to talk with two ladies they are teaching, a lady called Rose, who has only been here 3 weeks and who has been working in the US so her English is very good, from Poland. And another lady from Australia, who's name escapes me right now (Never great with names, but trying hard!) It's so great and there is a real Missionary buzz in our Ward right now and it's down to your son and his companion they are working flat out. Sadly I hear Elder Roberts his companion will be moved on Thursday which is really sad for us. I'm sure we'll have another lovely Elder but it does seem to indicate your lovely son will be staying with us here in Poole. I can't tell you how much we love our Elders here in Poole. I hope he feels our appreciation for the fantastic work he is doing and if his e-mail is short again this week. Know he loves you and it's because they are just so rushed off their feet with all the teaching they are doing to some really golden investigators and recent converts. He is a Total Star. Always with a great smile and firm hand shake. He looks and sounds happy. We had an extra two Elders in church yesterday and when I stopped to talk with them they said they were from the Temple, I guess from the Mission home, wanting to meet the newest members but also, I'm guessing, to help back up our Elders with the big class they had yesterday.

Have a wonderful day.
Christiane Readhead

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Kendra Haynie said...

That picture of Garren with the cake is the cutest thing! Love it!!