Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Wonderful 1st Year serving the Lord!!

This past Saturday Aug. 8 (Elder Allred’s Hump Day) we had two of the most amazing ladies I have ever met enter the waters of baptism. Between the two of them they have 150+ earthly experiences, 30+ grandchildren and are as sweet as they come. Joy Shearing a lady that has been doing family history for 22+ years has a few of her children that are members and many other family members and friends and a late husband that was a member has come into the fold. What an amazing experience and it was so great to see a family unite and become closer and she had so much happiness and peace come into her it is amazing. She has had a change of heart and it in turn has changed my heart I love it all so much seeing her make the choices and do the simple things and see big changes.
Joan Caines, a woman E. Roberts and I knocked on her door on the 4th of July after Carl Jones baptism, she said to come back Monday, we did and the rest is history. She is the kind of women you want to have in your life, sweet, kind, always thinking of others, very patient and full of love. What a blessing it has been to teach these two kind wonderful sisters and she them embrace the gospel. I was blessed with the opportunity to baptize Joan Iris Stella Caines, and I just felt so much peace as we stood in the font and as I was able to say the prayer and allow the work of heavenly father to move forward so that the lives of all of his children may be blessed. I just felt an immense joy in my soul and felt so blessed to just be a part of such an amazing experience. Words really can’t do it justice.
So great to hear your week went well! Glad you enjoyed the coast and the seafood. Thanks for the Hump day package I did get it:) I hope the other package turns up soon. Also I will be sending a small package home this next week with some little bits in it:)
It has been a week full of interesting experiences and a few fun trials, my theory test went sour, I brought the wrong piece of paper and so I lost the money to book that test and had to book another sorry about that so my next test is for the 21 of Aug. Also had some fun exchanges and went to Yeovill for a day:) Got rained on loads and had a blast. We also had a miracle referral this last week. A man from Fiji called a chapel in our zone and asked if he could come to church. He went and loved it and they set up a time to teach him again, come to find out he lives in our area and we taught him and the chapel this last week and he came to church with us he is amazing and will be here for three months on a program but then going back up north so we set a baptismal date with him for the 5 of Sept and he accepted it and he wants to take his family to the church as well. It was so exciting and he is such a cool guy Simione Kitiane or something close to that. It is wild to think I have been gone for 1 year. Time has just flown past so fast its crazy, I have loved it so much and have learned so much and have really felt myself being changed and am so excited for the next year I have to learn and grown and see many many more miracles and see gods hand in the work every day! I love you all so much and am so thankful for all you do which is so much I couldn’t do it without you and I am just so so grateful. This gospel is true it is the fullness and is being lead by Jesus Christ himself through a living prophet on the earth today, The scriptures especially the Book of Mormon change us as we read them with our hearts and apply and remember those things they were taught and resolve to do better. Heavenly Father loves us and it is so great to really know he is there, our father with a body similar to ours not something we can’t comprehend or understand. One day he may wrap us in his arms when we do all we can to return to live with him. Make it a great week! Love you all!

Elder Allred

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