Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank you President & Sister Swinton

Well the e-mail is not working so I hope this makes it too you all. This week was amazing, we had the temple conference and the last time we would be with president and sister Swinton, it was sad but also great to ponder over all the great times we have had so far with them and all the amazing things we have learned. I loved the time we had to spend at the temple. It was amazing, as I was able to just sit there and think and feel the peace that only my heavenly father can give me.I was just so
happy to know what I know,it really makes me sad when people are missing all these amazing things but then you see people accept it and all the joy in the world comes in. Carl is getting baptized this sat,he is from America and it’s the 4th so that’s going to be so amazing I am so excited for him because it is exactly what he needs in his life right now! Also Gordon is such an amazing guy, even though he hasn’t read the book of Mormon yet he is still excited for baptism he just believes and feels the spirit at church and as we teach him so he wants to cont to feel that. It’s so mazing to see these great changes come into people’s lives. Also this girl from Cameroon she was a member referral, she accepted a baptismal date for July 18 so many blessing from Heavenly Father it is just great to see miracles each and every day of our lives, even just small ones. Studying recently has been amazing as I feel I keep learning so much and have much to learn from everyone around me, it is so great how we can learn something from everyone and can increase our capacity to love as we feel our heavenly fathers love. Lots of driving this last week it has been fun hopefully soon I will be taking some test and getting a UK one. It is crazy to think June is almost over I just can’t believe it so insane. Hey thanks a million for the delivery mom and the great card with that amazing letter from Trevor.I hopefully will get my packages and letters soon, thanks for all you do family you’re the best.One great thing I have really learned recently is just how much we have to work hard, have our mind focused on what’s the most important thing and put all our trust in god, we have to believe that anything is truly possible with his help, it is up to us and drawing near to him so we can be guided directly by him. I have learned so much from other missionaries, they are all amazing, staying happy and excited even though things do go how they might want them to go, they still work hard when it is the hardest thing to do, they don’t allow rejection to get the better of them they push through and still have smiles on their faces, they laugh and have so much fun, they love more than anyone else could love. This is amazing to see young men care for others with so much of their souls. I love this work so much it is hard but the best
ever I know it is all true I see and feel the truth on a daily basis, and most of all it has helped me draw nearer to my Heavenly father and his son Jesus Christ. It is my hope that we can endure it all with a cheerful heart and a big smile Elder Roberts is amazing by the way, he baked a cake for me on the 23 and we had it at district meeting, always serving me and just being an amazing missionary I love learning so many things from him! Mom dad and Ashlee and Kyle and everyone else, love you all so much and thanks for helping me to become who I could only become with all of your help. I am forever grateful for everything you have done for me in my life. Funny note, we taught sharing time yesterday, it was the most fun ever! The little kids were so cute and just the comments they make crack me up. Now I see why Christ said be as a child. Have an amazing week love you all so much!!!!!!! Pray for Carl he will need it.
Elder Allred

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