Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where much is given Much is EXPECTED!

Wow what a crazy fun and awesome week! Poole is such a great place right on the coast; it is the 2nd largest natural harbor in the world and is an amazingly beautiful place. Elder Roberts and I feel very humbled by our call to white wash into a new area and to be serving all our fellow missionaries. We have 6 companionships in our zone, 3 district leaders and many amazing missionaries. 2 New golden’s in our zone as well, one of them is an Elder Allred from Canada, so funny!
At the time being we are teaching some amazing guys. Gordon Wright a man we found our second day here as Heavenly Father totally lead us to this man, what a miracle that was. Carl Jones is the other one that the other missionaries had taught only once, both have baptismal dates coming up in July so that’s very exciting. They are both such awesome guys and so ready to accept the gospel right now in their lives. The Ward here is so amazing I can’t believe it, they are so warm and friendly and willing to help in missionary work wherever they can, and it has been such a blessing to be placed by the lord here in Poole. Thanks Sister Readhead for doing that......I am sorry about the short e-mail and lack of information last week, it was just so crazy!
I am going to have the best birthday ever because it is a temple conference on the 24 and it is our last meeting with President Swinton:( This move is going to be one of the craziest ones ever with all these changes and a new pres and 13 missionaries going home.... Elder Roberts is such an amazing missionary, from South Africa and such a hard worker and so loving and amazing with the people I have a lot to learn from him and his example. No worries about letters and the package I got it mostly sorted out and I might be able to get it on my birthday. Yeah we would love anything from Tesco’s or ASDA, Mexican anything just surprise us thanks mom your amazing :) Hope miss Utah went well and you had fun up there:)
The flat is great its actually a house and no bugs or mice, amazingly great beds. Redruth is not part of our zone:( but tell everyone from there HI for me and that I love them all so much!!!!!!! I miss them and hope they are all doing well. Obi was baptized in Welling this last week and elder Toyn said it was awesome! Miracles happening here in the ELSM, it is the greatest thing to see lives changed and true and lasting joy come into the hearts of our brothers and sisters. The conference up at HYDE Park was amazing and life changing, what a blessing it is to have a prophet and apostles on the earth today teaching us the word of the lord, the greatest thing that stuck out to me was how the work is not about us, but it’s about them, others that don’t have what we have been given, it’s about allowing light to come into lives where it has been missing, it’s about finding eternal truths that are unchanging and life altering, it’s about LOVE, learning to love, sharing love and feeling the love of our savior, he does love us more than our minds can comprehend. I know, with all the feelings of that love in my body I know I have tasted that fruit which is most sweet and makes one happy. I love this restored gospel, I love knowing who I am, and what I can become with the help of Jesus Christ, the Atonement is the greatest act of unselfish love known to the world, it will heal and make everything right! This is the lord’s work, he is at the head leading it all, we are weak and simple, but as we humbly yield to the spirit , we can also become as he is Strong and all loving. Thank you all for everything you do you are the greatest family one could ask for. I love you all so much and pray and think of you daily, I am so grateful for you helping and supporting me as a missionary. There is no greater work at this time in my life and I thank you so much for allowing me the chance to do this. Just remember what the prophet Joseph said about the Book of Mormon, that this book will draw you nearer to God more than any other book, it has changed me, my heart, my desires, my outlook on life, my understanding and has done just what it said it would do. I am closer to God now, always remember that.
Love you so much!!!!!!!!
Elder Garren Allred

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