Monday, May 25, 2009

We Will Not come Down!!

My Dearest family:
As we were in elder’s quorum this last Sunday we listened to the talk from pres Uckdorf from last conference, called 'We are doing a great work and cannot come down'. As I herd this man speak I felt something burn within me I felt as if my savior was telling me something, I cant explain in words but I know with a surety just as I know the sun will rise in the morning that heavenly father was communicating to me it was amazing. I feel so blessed to know god, and his son Jesus Christ, and have the opportunity to feel the spirit. It makes me so happy and joyful and peaceful. As we have these kinds of experiences we then desire that every other person have the same blessing we do and feel that same feeling. Ah I love the gospel and every single thing about it so much. This week has been amazing filled with so many miracles’ I just cant believe it and the blessings heavenly father has poured out upon us, I think sometimes why us, doesn’t someone else deserve these same things but then I am just so thankful for everything that he does. Austin Ofulue is getting baptized on the 30th he is an amazing man with such an understanding of what were teaching him and he is so kind to us and always praising us and just makes you feel good, he has two boys Yemex and Orunex that will hopefully be getting baptized in June and maybe his wife will follow in time. Austin lived in America for some time and is just such a humble and great man that will be an amazing servant for the lord. Also Obi Adibe is getting baptized on June 20, he is a shy guy from Ebu land in Nigeria and has lived here for a year her loved church this last Sunday and is in the process of looking for a wife so were going to try and get him involved in the single adults stuff so that is way awesome. He is so great and reads the book of Mormon so much and totally understands it and what it’s all about.
Also an awesome part member family were teaching right now, the mom is a member but her 3 daughters aren’t so were teaching them all and hopefully the dad soon, they are so much fun to teach and its just great seeing a family draw closer together through the restored gospel, and hopefully one day get to go to the temple to be sealed. They are the Stevens family. So glad you had fun and enjoyed all being together:)
So true about Rcs they really need to be looked after and loved, love is the biggest thing for an endless conversion. We are teaching Christopher on Tuesday but he hasn’t been coming to church due to work but hopefully we will be able to help him. Tell all the people of REDRUTH hi and I love them all so so so much, they are amazing and sorry I haven’t spoken to them in a while. Also could you let Rob and Gemma know my new address so they can post my t-book. Thanks mom
I really feel my heart has been changed, because of the saviors love for me I now love others people I sit with on the bus I care for them and desire there eternal happiness and that’s only because I have felt it so many times. The atonement astonishes me and the way it works and the love the pure and undefined love that is behind it, for these things and this knowledge I am so very amazed and grateful. I know it’s all true each and every day something happens and it teaches me again that this is true and the right way if I want happiness forever and now. This is the one and true living church being lead by a prophet of god and his 12 apostles and many other amazing and humble servants. We are so blessed lets never never forget that. Because of this knowledge we have we Know we are doing a great work and cannot and will not come down.
I love you all so much I thank you for all the support and everything you have done for me in my life and giving me the chance to serve a mission!! Thanks so much everyone. Thanks for the letter with the photos mom I loved it:) Make this week greater than the last enjoy yourselves.

Love Elder Allred

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