Monday, June 1, 2009

Miracles & Dissappointments

Time flies when you’re having fun!
Glad you enjoyed your time at Kyle’s and heathers sounds like it was a blast! This week was full of miracles and disappointments, Austin was not baptized due to family troubles, it was sad to see his wife not understand and not even care to understand. Hopefully soon though he shall be getting baptized, he wants to but we will see how things work out. On an Amazing note though, we got to go to the temple to the visitor’s center with some of our investigators on Fri. night. Obi loved the temple and the Joseph Smith movie, it was such a great time, as we watched that movie I kept just having that feeling that wow this man went through a lot to bring the fullness of the gospel back to the earth, he understood it all though and that is why he was able to endure it well, you could see how the lord strengthened him and I felt that same strength as we were there confirming that truth that he was and is a prophet of God. Sat we had a short AP exchange and the greatest miracle I have seen in my life happened, Heavenly Father had this women Joy call us just at the right time and we went and taught her, we were supposed to, it was supposed to be Elder Toyn and Elder Jackson but wow I just can’t really explain it with words. Anyway Joy and her daughter Jasmine are great investigators and will hopefully soon be baptized. :) Christopher has fallen off the face of the world but hopefully something soon will happen. The new apartment is amazing, and treating us well. We are so excited to go to the Hyde Park chapel this next Saturday for the dual mission conference. It is going to be amazing. I love this work, talking to all these great people and sharing what means most to you and helping them realize there is more truth out there that can bless them and their families. This is the best, thank you all for everything you do, I am so grateful for your support.
PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you and have a great week. Moves are next week so we won’t be e-mailing until Thur......:) Love you all!!

Elder Allred

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