Sunday, May 24, 2009


I forgot to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and that is what the phone call was all about!!! So HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! You all prepared me so much in so many ways it was just what I needed to be ready. Thanks for the great phone call I loved it. Yeah Josh man he is awesome and its crazy he is coming home soon. Sweet enjoy your time at the ocean and yes Martha and Al would be great for the gospel. Ha-ha MOM we will remember to eat and do better:) No you don’t need to send any food there is lots of stuff here but thanks mom:) Yeah Kyle that’s so amazing he will be so awesome, he does work with the youth really good.
I am glad you enjoyed Brian and St George, and have fun with Kyle and the family!!! I sent that SD card and it should be here this week soon so enjoy.
So yeah this last week was great, many great things happening and great people changing there lives and accepting the restored gospel. So excited for them and the blessings they are going to receive as they come closer to the lord. One thing I did want to share was what we talked about at our last Zoko, it was personal revelation, and how we can and need to receive that to do the lords work. It was amazing because I started to see how heavenly father answers me so I can know when he is saying yes, it feels like a fire tingling starting in my heart and going throughout my body, more and more I am learning about how the holy ghost gives me answers and I see now how we can help others realize that these same things are happening to them. I love this church that Christ has restored for us, I love the people here and everywhere, I love my heavenly father and I just want to make him happy and I see how he is so happy when one of his children comes to the fold. This work is grand and bigger than all of us that’s why Christ is directing it and I love feeling his presence around us. Thanks for all you do family and all the support, I couldn’t do this without you. I love you all so much :)

Have a great week and make it a fun and productive one! Elder Toyn and I are having a blast.

Love Elder Allred

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