Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's been soooo Nice!!!!

Devastation is the greatest thing ever. We have been using this a lot more and really helping people see that this is the most important path they will ever walk. They need to realize how significant this is, it’s the difference between celestial or teresterial glory and those are a huge gap. We have had so many miracles this last week it has been so awesome to see the lords hand in the work hour after hour and to be his instrument, what a blessing. Had zone meeting on Tue. and two exchanges this week so we were all over the place but let me just tell you about Austin, he is Nigerian but lived in America for 4 or 6 years has 3 boys and him and his wife. They have been living here for about 1 year. Austin and two of his boys came to church this last Sunday, Austin’s second time and his boys first time, it was such a great Sunday we loved it so much. Austin is getting baptized on the 30th of this month and I really feel so good about him and we are going to start teaching his boys and hopefully his wife this week. Also my heart was full of joy this last Sunday when I was able to see Allen passing the sacrament it was so amazing and on the 29th of this month we are taking some recent Converts and Investigators to the temple, and to go to the visitor center and do baptisms. Elder Toyn and I are being so blessed and each night I think why does heavenly father do this for me, he blesses me way more than I deserve and I just am so humbled by his love for all of us and the great blessings that come from service and being happy while we serve. Thanks for all the e-mails I love you all so much and hope you have a great time with Kyle and Heather. You guys have made it possible for me to be out here and for that I am so grateful. Love you all and make it a great week. I will send some photos next week.

Much love Elder Allred

ps: Hugh B Brown is amazing pres Swinton shared a story about him going on his mission with us and wow we don’t have any trials like they used to have. I Love feeling the spirit and as we cont to draw closer and closer to our savior the spirit is poured out upon us and this is where the joy and peace and happiness come from. Love you all!!!!

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