Monday, May 4, 2009

Such a Great Week!!

Such an exciting weekend. First things first, your all amazing and I love you all so much, the mission is the greatest place, I love heavenly father so much and my love for him and his son my brother Jesus keeps growing so much each and every day. Thank you for the seed you helped me nurture from a young age I am so grateful. Ah so amazing the prophet, man, god’s servants are amazing they have such pure hearts and great motives.
Congrats on everyone who graduated and or made it through another year at school... Maybe a shirt here or there but not lots. Yes we will for sure get the letter; the old flat is a 5 min walk from our new one. So Mother’s day stuff.....don’t know when we will be calling for sure but around 1 or 2 or maybe 11 or 12, sorry I have no information yet. Awesome about your new calling mom you are so amazing with young people. :)
So it was so exciting to be there for the sorting hat and find out who my new boy would be, it’s very funny that I am training in the area where my daddy(Elder Peterson) was trained. Elder Toyn was thrown right into it all as we have had teaches and bap commitments and the whole lot. He is doing so great and is such a great guy with an amazing attitude and a hard worker. Our weekend was intense; we moved all our stuff from the old flat to the new one just with our suitcases. Ha-ha so crazy. Church was great Toyn and I were the first to bear our testimonies and I just love sharing my love for the lord with others he has been so good to me I must share it with others or else that would not be fair. We had a great teach sat night with a man named Ivan from sari leaon or however you say it. He was taught down there for a bit and lost contact when he moved up here. As we watched the restoration DVD I felt so happy and warm inside and I could tell all 3 of us were feeling the same. We asked him how he felt about that and he said he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet chosen by god, our jaws hung open and we committed him for baptism, too bad he is going on holiday for 3 weeks so it won’t be until the 21 of June unless he progresses faster. Also an amazing Nigerian family were teaching, actually tonight with Allen, they are so kind and great to us we love them and they are preparing for the 24 of may so I hope we can help them progress because the happiest thing of all would be to see them at the temple one day soon. Were having the time of our life, busy crazy hard sad and hectic but the best time ever. This is all going too fast. I am sending that SD card TODAY sorry about that. Tell everyone hi and much love. Yeah I was so tired and forgot my suit coat and got made fun of a bit. Good job on school dad you are amazing. Don’t ever feel guilty for serving and getting blessings, that’s how it works. Plus not everyone can do the amazing job you have done dad, you have such love, and are so fun. You help the youth stay happy and learn correct gospel principles. Happiness is a by-product of service, or at least that’s how I feel now. I am most happy when I forget about myself. New apt is amazing, tell you all about that this Sun :) I don’t know for sure when we will be calling sorry, but try and get Kyle on conference call or something for Sunday. :) That’s crazy about Chandler, send them my best :) Alma 17-22 great chapters with an inspiring change of heart.
Love Elder Garren Allred

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