Sunday, May 3, 2009

So much Craziness

So I am staying in WELLING!!!! and my new comp is Elder Toyn from Salt Lake City Ut right in the heart of it all about a block from the temple I think. He has only been out 3 weeks so that's crazy. I totally feel unprepared to help train another missionary but I pray that the lord will help me and help us to learn and grow in the gospel and in our friendship. There were 13 new missionaries that came in, it was way exciting. We are moving to a new flat in Thamesmead.
Long story I will tell you when we call on the 10th, don't know any details yet just that it will be on that day! probably about an hour I think on the phone. :) Tell Mindy Hi! so cool about the new house. Coxy Allen did get Confirmed and it was so great, he is coming on a teach with us tonight. We have some great new people we are teaching and what not so its awesome a family from Nigeria but the father live in Chicago for a bit. Hymns really are amazing and do so much good. I love singing them more and more. Have a great time with graduation and hope all goes well. Mostly too busy to watch football but talk to people a lot about it so that's fun. Haven't had to worry about my packages, thanks so much there are great and I did receive that one with the special PMG that's amazing, thanks so much mom I love you loads you are the best. We went to the temple today to get our new missionaries so that was fun and awesome. I am staying as a district leader and our zls are elder Binks and Droubay amazing missionaries. Elder Cusick is the great AP that is coming home tomorrow, he lives in Orem UT, so yeah try to find out and go to his homecoming that would be awesome!
The lord has blessed me I havent been ill and allergies are great:) Little kids are great thanks for that story and tell the grandkids hi and I love all of you.
So we really have had a great last week and so much going on not enough time to write it all but we will be speaking on the phone soon so yeah!!!
Had an amazing experience on the bus the other day I will share, I was on the phone calling people and when I hung up this man with his wife in the back waved his hand for me to come over, it was kinda strange so I went over and talked and it was great. They had some concerns about blacks and the priesthood because his wife was being taught by sis missionaries in Denmark I think for a while, but she was put off when she learned about that but they were so warm and nice and we are hopefully going to be teaching them soon, they have loads of friends in Nigeria that are members so it is great. So much happening and so exciting to be training a great amazing new missionary. Elder Toyn and I are going to have a blast......:)

Love you all and I will be e-mailing on Monday like normal:)

Love Elder Allred

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