Monday, March 30, 2009

What a great week, the Lord has been truly mindful of us and those that we have been teaching this week. The Baptism all in all went well; it was crazy and worked out thanks to Heavenly Father doing all the work, sad thing Christopher wasn’t able to get confirmed due to please pray for him to get confirmed on the 12th. So sad but hey it will all work out and he will have the holy ghost soon!!!
Coxey's story is one that keeps unfolding like a fairytale. He is so amazing and has changed so much and has been so blessed for all the changes in his life. We almost have already taught him everything after about one week, its crazy he came with us to the baptism this last Saturday along with Adebola and Joy and they all loved it and it was so great! Coxey loved church and everyone hit it off with him really good, then we had a dinner appointment Sunday night and the member invited him as well so it was such a great time. We moved his baptism up for the 18th so we will hopefully be having Joy now on the 11th and Adebola and Coxey on the 18th. All of these people are so amazing and I love them so much they are really embracing the truths of the gospel and they can feel the effect it is having on their lives! Hi Paula and Jennifer!!! Hope you had fun with my amazing family! So true about enjoying other cultures mom, we have much to learn from one another and it is so great to be united it one thing which is the gospel of Jesus Christ!
We will watch some of conference at a stake center and some probably at a member’s home with our investigators. I shall be thinking about you guys as well.
Oh cool a box....send some cool stuff to give away! :) You can send it to our flat it will be just fine:)
Thanks for your amazing e-mail, love talking to you and hearing a bit of what’s happening in your lives So many amazing things happened this last week not enough time to describe it but last cool story. Mary a referral from London, well we called her yesterday and she said we could come over first teach and she has 4 kids at home from 7-14. It was a blast talking about the B of M and Joseph Smith, ah I loved it so much and we’re going back on Wed to teach, I hope things go well as they are hardcore Roman Catholic background but that doesn't stop them from progressing. Love you all so much and thanks for everything I am so grateful for all you do for me.
I know Heavenly Father is right there, and he is mindful of who I am and my life, Joseph smith was an amazing boy that truly did restore the fullness of the gospel for us. The Atonement is truly amazing and the greatest act of love ever, I know these things are all real and true because I feel them and see the changes they make in others lives and in my own life. Love you all make it a great week!!!!

Elder Garren Allred

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