Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blessed To Be A Part of This!!

Wow! So this last bit has been amazing so many miracles have happened it is just so awesome to see and feel the lords’ hand in the work. Ha-ha sounds like you had a blast on your short holiday! So awesome Kyle is going to the temple with the youth, and Happy Birthday ARYANNA! :) Yeah we have been having great DAs. Transfers were today but Timmons and I are staying!!! Thank Heavens. But this next transfer cycle ends on the 30th of April. Hey don’t worry and beat yourself up mom your great and we can always do better, all of us all the time.
So Christopher is getting baptized this Sat., yeah so exciting and amazing and so much stress but everything is all worth it!! Please pray for him that all will work out. We got a referral that was taught a bit in London and first teach we committed him for the 18th of April and he is so cool and excited, Adebola is his name, he is also from Nigeria. Joy is doing great as well she is so amazing and happy now that she reads everyday and it is just so great to see the fullness of the gospel come into someone’s life and for them to just bring it all in.
So the most amazing experience of my life......Sun. night we got flogged from an appointment and were walking down the high street and this drunk man stopped us, poured out his problems and his heart to us and he has pretty much hit rock bottom, Alma the younger style. We told him if he wasn’t drunk tomorrow we would take him out for lunch, so the next morning we gave him a call, he was so happy to hear from us and we went and ate lunch with him. Taught a first and the word of wisdom....and committed him for the 25 of April for baptism. To the shock of both of us he accepted it all. Since then we have taught him every day and yesterday at a members home, oh yeah forgot to mention he is homeless. He is loving the Book of Mormon and is totally changing his life around it is the most amazing experience of my life, he is such a great guy and is so excited for church and just ahhhh I can’t put into words how I feel and since he has been changing he found a place to live and is just working on sorting out a job. He is from Canada but his parents are from Namibia. Coxy Allen is his name and meeting him has forever changed my life. After all of these experiences I can't and never will be the same; the gospel is the happiest thing in the world and everything that comes from it. I feel my heavenly fathers love for me, I feel the love of my savior for me and all of the things he has done for me that I can’t do for myself. The scriptures combined with prayer have changed me and continue to change me daily. I love feasting upon them and learning from what heavenly father wants to teach me. This is truly amazing to be a part of this work, I realize he does all the work we just get to be a part of it and that is the greatest blessing ever. Coxy was telling us ever since reading the book of Mormon and praying that his is happy and can feel the changes coming. True story, it is so important to just be yourself, your best self, but we are still humans not some sort of crazy robot....ha-ha.
Tell Cassandra and Bryce Hi. Yes I got your card and loved it!!!!! Ha-ha so fun. I hope you got my letter. So cool tell Paula and Jennifer HI that is so awesome they are awesome ha-ha I bet your so way excited! Thanks for everything mom I love you all so much and am so grateful for all of you and what you have done for me. My rock is now built upon the savior and it is where it’s going to stay. The spirit has taught me so many things that I just know deep down in my soul that all of this is true:) Love you all. I will be e-mailing Monday and back on the normal schedule.

Love Elder Allred

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