Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happiness is A Truth that can only be found by living the way God wants us to Live!!

Yeah Arizona! Man that's crazy, good luck Nick!
Wow that lady in Quartizite remembered long ago. that's awesome, I loved going down there and chilling with grandma and grandpa! Tell them hi.
Man have some awesome fun in Zions. Yeah I had to put in for a temp licence and then I have to take lessons in a month and thenI can take my practical driving test. So not any money for a little while should be coming out and it should only be like 170 or 200 dollars.....ahhhh I know but its for the lord. Yeah 2 lessons before I can take the test. Tell Jack and Beth hi!
Okay so wow this week has been crazy awesome, Christopher Agunlade is amazing and getting baptised on the 28 of this month. He is so cool and just embracing the fullness of the gospel, last night we had a fireside with Pres and Sis Matthews serving on the London Temple pres, they served a mission in Nigeria and came and told of there experiences. We had two of our Investigators there that are both from Nigeria and it was just so amazing, the spirit was so strong there as they talked about missionary work and the hand of the lord in everything they did. That's what I want to do in something like 40 years!!!!!! So yeah Christopher is just doing great and I am so happy and excited for him and he is getting really excited, also Joy Okonkwo she was the other one that came to the fireside and loved it too! She is getting baptized April 18, and Khrishna Garung the man from Napale came to church and really enjoyed it even though he probably understood nothing but the spirit is what teaches us all things and that's a universal language. Last Mon night we knocked into a way cool lady...white.....named Sara she was so sweet and it was a great experience because we skipped the door because they were just walking in and when we walked back past it we remembered we did'nt knock it, and we really felt we should and a few min on the doorstep and she invited us inside. hopefully she comes to church this next Sun. because this is exactly what she needs in her life. So I found out Jace Burgess served in ELSM and in the Welling ward...I don't know if you know him but he lives in Cedar. Any who....a few more Miracles,are you ready, well on Sat. a lady on the high street I really felt impressed to stop turned out to be from America and her husband is a Member but not active for like 10 years, but they just recently came back from a trip to Texas where his family lives and are all active members, they had there baby blessed when back in Texas and she had been wondering more about the church and was thinking about having the missionaries mind and heart were in knots I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So we're calling and hopefully going by to see them this next week so that was amazing! The Woolwich High Street is insane, we got condemmed this last Sat. on it by this preacher guy, it was so funny but way sad how people act sometimesI wish everyone would just have open hearts and allow the truth into them, but hey trials make us stronger and I want to be a spiritual body builder! Love you all, thanks for everything keep up on the good works, make this week better than the last!
Love Elder Allred

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