Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"It's really hard to hear with so much out there"

Thanks for the package I loved it and it was fun. Thanks for that talk I really loved that, those are the kinds of things to send.....great JOB MOM, it totally gave me some spiritual food that was much needed. Ha-ha that joke was great I loved it so much, nasty I bet all those girls wanted to throw up. Oh I hope you start feeling better, I will pray harder for you... ahhhhh snow is nice that’s awesome. Heck yeah pasties are amazing! Oh man with a Texas flair that sounds great. Good job on your member missionary work it is so.... much appreciated. You’re the greatest mom slash family in the whole wide world. Thanks for keeping in touch with all those amazing people in Redruth, I wish I had more time so I could as well but hey we all have eternity to become better friends. This week has been so crazy with the best random experiences...... So Tue. we had Zone Mt and it was amazing, we talked about pride and how I need to get rid of a lot of pride, things I never would have thought of as pride but it was so great I learned so much. We had an exchange real quick with the APs and that was great, Elder Cusick is the greatest and Duaway, you will have to go to Cusick's homecoming up in Provo area he comes home next moves. We have two people most likely getting baptized this month, first of all is Christopher...aka Adewale Agunlade, that’s his Nigerian Tribal name. He is amazing and came to all of church this last week and is such a great guy, he is just so nice and is excited about it, all we are planning to take him to the visitor center at the temple before his baptism soon. Then we have Khrishna Gaurang, from Nepal, who hardly speaks English.....he makes me laugh so much I love teaching and talking with him, his prayers are the best ever, last time we were teaching he said the prayer and was all like, thank you god, I happy now, thank you for the friends that teach me about you god, and it was just so awesome. Also we were teaching these guys form Albania this last week and one of them was really good friends with the missionaries in Albania and called them, I spoke with a missionary in Albania how crazy is that....he was from Provo, an Elder Humphries or something like that. It is so hard to teach here because of all the different languages, but so much fun, and I am realizing how important the spirit is especially when they probably can’t fully understand what it is your saying.....like last night we knocked into a group of French people and it was just so funny because one of them just kept looking at us like we were crazy and he didn’t really know what it was we were talking about. Prayers are key and just connecting with people on the same level , a spiritual and happy and amazing level is what has to be achieved. I love being able to share what it is we have to share with others, the b of m brings so much light into our lives when we truly feast on those words meant for us. I love you all and thanks for everything you all do, I am so thankful for your sacrifice for me to be out here.
Much love Elder Allred

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