Monday, March 2, 2009

Letter to Dad

Such a crazy and awesome week filled with lots of new people to teach... Sweet I am so excited for Dillon, he is going to be an awesome missionary. We got separated when finding people on the high street, it was funny and that happened on a bus the other day too, I was talking to a lady and Timmons got on the bus and I was taking down her information and ran to get on the bus and he just drove off, 5 min later Timmons is walking up to me laughing. Ha-ha, that guy who wants to start his own church is so crazy and funny, we told him when that when he was baptized he becomes a member of this church and he was all like no I just want to be baptized, it was so funny; we will see when he comes back from Nigeria in 2 or 3 Weeks. Oh tell Ron and Bev and everyone hi! Yeah when both comps are not on the same page it makes the work way hard and the people suffer the most. Tell Josh and his family hi! Man it is crazy how long we have all been gone! Yeah you can see the Thames River from our flat, such a nasty river, so ghetto it makes me laugh. Thanks for all the support, it is so awesome and makes me feel like a million bucks. I have fallen in love with the scriptures and it has changed me, they are now real to me and the stories and people in them are real, bearing testimony to people and relating the gospel to so many things has opened my mind to the amazing thing we have to share which is truth and full knowledge, which brings about happiness, lasting, real, amazing and unexplainable happiness. I love the gospel dad, thanks for setting the example for me and teaching me so many things and always putting up with all my whining and everything. Good luck with school and keep doing great serving, it truly changes us when we serve our
fellow man.
Love Elder Allred

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