Monday, March 2, 2009

Let the truth be know!

Ha-ha me judge you on your spelling, are you kidding me. We all know how bad of a speller I am. I might as well be a 4 year old typing on the computer. Ha-ha yeah sis Chorley, she is amazing, I love that ward they were great! Hey I know Elder Leeds, he was in the same zone as me, and he served in Bitiford! Yes for bus contacting, ha-ha so awkward sometimes, for example this last week I was talking about the restoration and quoting the first vision to a guy on the bus and I could totally tell these two teens were listening and what not, then the man got off and I just felt so funny. It is so awesome though and you meet so many nice people. Man that’s crazy Ryan is going home......intense. One of the greatest blessings I have found serving a mission is realizing where your foundation needs to be, which is what I would say happens when you’re on a mission. I have to be built upon Christ so that nothing will destroy me, so what a blessing it is to come to realize these things in a very real and amazing way, its like what Paul says to the people of Corinth, about how charity edify. Pure love is giving up your life for our brothers and sisters like when we are on a mission. We cook quite a lot; the ward is about 80 to 100. Lots of young men not too many women.
Ha-ha Maddie met Pres and Sis Swinton? Wow that’s funny and weird. They are the best ever and have so much love for us, their testimonies are so strong and they strengthen me every time I hear them speak. I don’t know Robs e-mail....hey Gemma when you read this leave a comment and put your e-mail so my mom can e-mail you!:) Yeah Hanna was baptized and ROB did the baptism, how amazing is that? I just love all of those people in Redruth, they truly all are my family!
It’s actually been warm here the last little bit, haven’t gotten my package yet but soon I bet ha-ha who knows. Yeah I did speak with Kylee and Amy they’re great and make me laugh so much!
We have only 4 missionaries in our district, me and Timmons and two sisters, Mills and Sorenson. They both go home soon.
So we taught the most amazing and coolest guy ever, Ade Damola, met him on the street one night. He was so excited for us to come around and learn more, after we taught the restoration and talked about the Book of Mormon, he was so excited to read it and find out the truth. The 2nd time we went by, I have never seen someone so excited and happy to read and talk about it. We were all so excited he was all like hey, let’s pray before we go any further.....We extended the 11 of April to him and he is praying about it. He is so amazing and nice and just understands what it is we’re all about and the amazingness of the Book of Mormon. He works loads just like everyone here in London but were going to do all we can to help him come to church. Also taught this funny guy from Nepal, speaks little English, so funny we taught him and committed him for baptism.....I don’t know if he fully understood what we were talking about ,but he was all like....I baptize and make promise with God....we’re all like yes. The most simple teach of my life and so pure and awesome, good times meeting so many people from so many countries... We met a lady the other day from a country I didn’t even know existed.
I have learned some things about up here....I need to teach more simple and I have to have the spirit so they can feel something because most of the time they won’t understand what we’re teaching fully! Love you all and hope your week is great!!!!!!! I love the scriptures I have found a new passion as I see how real they are! I traced Amulekes ancestry back in Alma 10:2-3 it was way fun!
Take luck!
Love Elder Allred

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