Monday, February 23, 2009

The Spirit Does Feel nice!!!

Ha-ha thanks for the joke mom that was way funny!!!!! I feel like that sometimes with investigators; trying to understand them sometimes is so hard....
Week has been crazy and amazing and fun! Yeah we are getting used to each other and it has been fun. Ha-ha I think it will take a bit to get used to the area and the bus routes and where we are half the time, like the other day I got lost from Timmons on the High St. and it took 20 min to find him, so so funny! Oh man I have already learned so much from all of the people. The way they act and their passion for Jesus Christ is amazing, just sad that so many don’t have the fullness of what he has to offer them.
Yes it is Pancake Day tomorrow!!! Ha-ha I wonder what happens. Thank you for keeping in touch with everyone because it is really hard for me being so busy all the time and I wish I could talk with them more and help them but at some point we all have to fish for ourselves. Oh man your food sounds good; you were always such an amazing cook mom cooking such great food for all of us, thank you for being the best! Tell Grandma and Grandpa on both sides I say hi and all the family, I hope all is well and I think and pray for them often.
Yeah Kyle is amazing; I am so excited about their adventures in Montana and with their new ward!
So cool about all the kids getting married , yeah Marriages, it is the next best thing I hear after a mission :) Tell all of the kids @ SUU hi and thanks for being great examples to me, what great people they all are!
The Priesthood is amazing and such a blessing in the lives of Heavenly Fathers children.
We had such an amazing time @ Zokos (Zone Conference) this last Friday in Crawley, I felt so good as we talked about the scriptures and why we’re out here and what missionary work is all about, a new sense of commitment and doing all we can with the work, and drawing close to the tree (Jesus) so that others may see and get the blessings that have been given to us. I am just so happy when I have the chance to share the gospel, because when I feel Heavenly Father talk with me and help me, I want that for everyone else because you can see they are lacking that in their lives.
I did see Peterson at Zokos, he is near but in a different zone, there are lots of Africans here, Ganna, Nigeria, and loads of other people from all these random countries. We walk and ride the bus a lot, and the church is a 30min bus ride, grocery is not far and what not, yeah we have all the normal stuff in our flat:) I would say it’s one of the poorer areas of London but not that poor.
So some sweet experiences this last week..... I love bus contacting; I have been sworn at a few times but met so many nice people. We taught a guy yesterday, we stopped him when he was leaving his house, he was telling us how he was going to start his own church and all this crazy stuff, so we asked if we could come back in 40min to teach him, we came back and taught him and talked, he had a Book of Mormon on his shelf all dusty and said he didn’t have time for all of this. E. Timmons said the closing prayer and I then asked if he had been baptized, the answer was no and we talked some about that and he was all like when can you baptize me....soon soon he said.....ha-ha we laughed and said we have to teach you stuff first. So we will see how that goes if he still wants to make his own church or join the true and already perfect one set up by Christ himself, about 20min after that we stopped this kid on the street and talked with him, then when we were going to walk away a man jumped out of his car and was all like man how do you guys do that, we laughed and told him the truth that it was God, not us doing the teaching, but then when we started stating the truth about prophets and the BoM, he was all like no thanks.... so sad to see people turn from the truth.
I have learned that it is about being real and trying to be in there shoes so we may understand them and relate to the people, then to show love by telling the truth to them and bearing testimony of these things, the power of prayer and testimony are amazing.
The truth really does set you free, which is what the gospel is all about is true happiness and true joy, I love you all and thank Heavenly Father for all the people in my life most of all the Savior and what he has done for me what no one else could do, I will do all I can to return back and live with Heavenly Father I want us to be together forever. Happiness doesn’t have to end, we just have to work for it. I hope you all have an amazing week and feel the spirit as you go about doing good!
Sorry but for some reason the photos won’t send and are taking forever, hopefully it will work soon, otherwise I will just fill up the 2g memory card and send that home at the end of this move!!!! Love you all
Love Elder Allred

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Rob D said...

Hi Elder Allred's Mum & Dad.It's Rob and Gemma here. Just thought we would let you know that when Rob baptised Hannah on Saturday night he wore the white CTR tie that Elder Allred had left us as a gift. We've put together a little package for Eldere Allred with a few local bits and pieces local Camborne And Reduth areas. Just something to remember us by. We love Elder Allred dearly and he will always be a part of our family, we miss him terribly and hope to see him again sometime. Our email address is please, feel free to keep in touch with us, we would love to hear from you. Love to you all Gemma & Rob x