Monday, February 16, 2009

WOW What a Change!!

Yeah it has been crazy, I moved this last week to the London area, lots of people from all over the world, it has been a big change, no car, loads of buses and it is so awesome we can contact on the buses. I do love it up here in Welling, this is the area where Elder Peterson started his mission, this last Sunday was great, an awesome new ward and all this new stuff so I am just getting used to it all and what not it will just take some time. It was so so hard to leave Redruth, it was like leaving home!!!! When I got that call that I was leaving it guted me and I just wanted to cry but, you soon realize that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing and I am super excited for London and all that can happen up here. I just hope and pray for everyone in Redruth so that they will be watched over and protected, I will never forget any of them! They molded me into the missionary I am today. So awesome what you did for Valentines day, I am glad Miss SUU is over and all that stress is gone from you now. We have already had some cool experiences up here, on Friday when we were leaving an appointment and going back to the bus, we stopped and talked to this man named Sheyi, he was so cool and later that day we went back and taught him and then on Sat. we went with a member and taught him, it was so cool but then he didn't come to church on Sunday so that was sad but hey blessings will come and its awesome just to see the Lord do the work and we just have to work our hardest and put in all the effort we can and trust in him! Hope all is well in the ward and with everyone, It is totally different here in London, so many cultures and people from different countries, it is awesome meeting so many great people, the gospel really can bless them all in there lives if they just receive it.
I do have a hard copy of the article.....:) and yes cds will work over here and your package is getting sent to my new area in London!!!!

My new ward is the Welling ward, new comp is Elder Timmons from Goshen Utah!

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