Monday, April 6, 2009

Spiritually Drained, Nephi Style

Yes our brother Christopher got confirmed!!! Thanks for all the prayers. We have about half and half with our members but we pretty much only teach black people. Maybe 80 to 100 active members. Oh yeah we watched Saturday morning, priesthood, Sat. afternoon, and the Sun. morning sessions. They were all so amazing and I loved the spirit and the love that you could feel from the leaders of the Lords kingdom. As Elder Holland talked about loneliness and the Savior and what he went through and how our love for him will fill our empty heart, which is so true because I have felt way lonely out here @ times, but the spirit and his love and atonement fill me up with love and strength. I really took out of everything about how we need to continue to increase our faith and grow and learn and not lose sight of the real true purposes of life with meaningless activities that won’t be important in the eternities. Well we had such a crazy and amazing and awesome week! ZoKos on Friday were amazing and we really talked a lot about faith and the miracles that can be a part of our lives. I saw Elder Peterson @ zone conference. It was great. Here is a picture we took together. One of the missionaries shared a special experience about him going to a convert families sealing, he talked of the gratitude that he had to just be a part of such an amazing experience. I felt the spirit so strong as it touched my heart, I learned then that is what missionary work is all about, eternal families, not just mortal families but us as children of a heavenly family, re-uniting and being able to be together for eternal happiness and it struck me so deep and I was filled with the joy that Lehi describes as he partook of the fruit. I love this restored truth of temples and I love the ability to learn truth through the warm comforting feelings that the Holy Ghost gives me. I am filled with gratitude towards my father in heaven and my savior for making all of this joy and happiness possible. Also we were able to see Joy Okonkwo baptized, it was in between conference sessions at the stake center and it was so awesome. What a humbling and great experience it is to be an instrument and assist the lord in the work of bringing about salvation to our brothers and sisters. She is so funny and she smiled so big at us as she was baptized and received the Holy Ghost. Allen loved conference and is doing really good, pray for him to have help to quit smoking. He is doing great but needs to give it up by this next Sat. Also teaching this new lady Sa'de, she is so funny and we committed her for baptism last time and she was all joking with us that her dog needed to be baptized, soo funny she was just cracking us up, but her date is for the 2nd of May. People accept the gospel, the lord is the one that does it all, and I am so weak and not skilled and lack so much, as the new apostle said I am a no buddy, but the lord makes us strong and lifts us up to do a work beyond our own understanding. I love you all so much and am so grateful for all you do for me and the sacrifices you have made for me in my life. I have been just having so much fun with all these great people, its hard work but the most rewarding I have ever experienced in my life thus far:) Hope to hear from mom next week, hope she is alright??:)

Love you All have a great week!

Elder Allred

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