Monday, February 2, 2009

WOW!! Amazing Week Read On!!!

Family I would like to start off sharing the most amazing experience of my life..... Sunday after church we stopped by Rob and Gemma because they weren’t able to come to church due to a sick Freya there 2 year old. We had a great chat with them and the spirit was strong. Monday night we went and taught Sabbath day and tithing, set a date for the 14 of Feb for them to be baptized, all was well and we were excited! That night while finding we got a call and they said they prayed and wanted to be baptized Sat......we smiled and almost cried. The week was amazing planning for a baptism for a family 5 of which were getting baptized 3 that are too young but soon will be baptized. Everything went perfect because they had faith and exercised their faith and got the answers they needed to make that decision. They can fill it in the home and see the change that happens when you allow the gospel into your lives. How beautiful that is to see, I know heavenly father was smiling so much as he saw this happen. Sat. morning of the baptism, got a phone call from President......'Hey elders were going to come to the baptism'. Wow that was exciting to have President Swinton and Sister Swinton come to that baptism. We also were able to get two of the girls we're teaching Lisa and Hanna to come to the baptism. Vanessa came, Kylee came, and Jo and loved it and it couldn’t of went any better. Also Rob’s sister from Preston drove down with her Husband to come and her Husband baptized the 3 kids. The Mom is a member of the Redruth ward so what a family event, and to just have the chance to be a part of it melted my already soft heart. The sister spoke, and a member named Jole, (we took him and his wife on the teaches to Rob and Gemma's), spoke and President Swinton had some remarks as well. The feeling that was there was amazing and I want everyone to feel that, the spirit of our Heavenly father feels so so good! The greatest part of it all was fast and testimony meeting, we had Mark there and his wife and two girls we sat and played with them during sacrament meeting while we were touched by the testimonies. Then there is was, one of the strongest feelings I have ever had from the spirit as Gemma bore her testimony and Rob bore his, As I heard these two amazing people tell everyone what they know and why, tears kept streaming from my face I think I was the happiest person in the whole wide world, I in all honesty cannot explain the feeling I had inside my heart it overtook me with all love and happiness and peace! I sat there in amazement and couldn’t believe what I was feeling and how blessed I was to meet this family and not just that but all these people in Redruth, this has now become my home, I love it and all of these people with all my heart. The most amazing part of all this is that Heavenly Father did all the work the spirit touched their hearts and gave them the answers and then they made the best choice they every could of made. They remind me of Kyle and Heather except with more kids....ha-ha. I just love them all so much and Vanessa, Kylee, Amy, Jo, Debbie, and her girls. The gospel truly blesses lives if we allow it to and always follow the commandments we can’t stray unless we want to lose that feeling. Also Mom check in that Meridian Magazine, Sister Swinton is writing an article about all of this and this family. I love my Father in Heaven more than words can describe, and Mom and Dad you have made me who I am today along with Kyle and Ashlee and every other person in my life, I will be forever grateful for everyone of you!!!
I hope you Get the card soon!!!:) Oh thank you for a package, moves is on the 10 of Feb. so we will see what happens!!!
Mark is doing good, Baptism planned for the 14 of Feb. pray for them and their family, I know opposition is going to come up but it’s amazing when people read the Book of Mormon with their heart they feel it and know it’s true and can’t deny it.
Oh yeah it was kind of snowing a bit this morning, really crazy huh!!!
Glad to hear all is well back home I love you all and thank you every day for everything all the prayers and just everything!!!!
The Preston temple is about 6 or 7 hours away.
The book of Mormon is amazing and I know more than ever that this is the word of God in its purest form, meant for me today and tomorrow to help with anything I need, Heavenly Father talks to me through the scriptures. I love them!!

All my Love
Elder Allred

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Jordan said...

I am just in tears! What am amazing day!