Monday, January 26, 2009

The Spirit feels so nice

What a great week we had! So amazing and fun and just overall great. On Tues. we had an exchange with the zone leaders and I went to Plymouth with Elder Elmer, he is such a great missionary and we had a blast up there, I drove all around Plymouth and I was kinda nervous cuz its a big city but I have gotten quite good at driving with lots of prayers and the lords help.
Farnsworth and I spoke in sacrament meeting this last Sunday and it was great, I actually enjoy speaking now, its not too bad.
The Baptism was amazing!!!! Your Dream Convert! Vanessa is such an amazing lady and so sweet and kind. Elder Farnsworth baptised her and I confirmed her. She feels the spirit so much and thats what totally has converted her and she reads loads and just is so excited to learn more!!! I cant wait to take her on teaches and we might start teaching her son. I love when she says prayers, it is my favorite thing because you can totally tell she is talking with Heavenly Father. Some funny things this last week when I was up in Plymouth, this old lady with 2 teeth ate a chip right in front of our window at night and just stared in the car, I almost died I was laughing so hard it was so funny!
Hey I am sending my 4g memory card home with everything on it, let me know when you get it alright??? Thanks, hope you enjoy all the photos and videos and such!
I really am getting more and more into the B of M, its so amazing how it was written for us today and there are just so many things we can learn from it and studying it. Rob and Gemma and 6 kids are doing great, man I just love there family so much they are so nice and sweet to us. We're also teaching a husband of a part member family and they are so amazing as well. Mark and Haily are there names, they made us salmon cakes last night,aaaahhhhhh so lush. Don't be too hard on yourself mom, life gets busy and I realize now how much time I wasted on stupid things and things that were so dumb, but yeah I just love the gospel and all of the things it teaches us, I love feeling the spirit and love that Heavenly Father has for me, I cant even describe how good it feels! Thanks so much for being the most amazing family and allowing me to be out on a mission and supporting me, I will be forever grateful for this!! I love you all!!!!!
Yeah me and Farnsworth get along great, Only us and another set of missionaries in Helston, our ZLs are in Plymouth. Yeah I can drive a stick just fine now....haha cant believe I couldn't do it before, I am probably going to have to get my drivers haw! Thanks for all that you do dad, your amazing I love you so much!! Time is going by way to fast I love it out here! Yeah I have herd from Trevor a few times.Oh yeah and Elder Peterson is awesome his family seems so amazing! The Best Trainer ever! Make everyday the best day ever!!!!

PS: You might get a call from our bishop, haha he is coming to the states and I gave him your number!!!!

Elder Allred

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