Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Amazing Week

Thank you, I did indeed get that package!! The Scripture Covers are so sweet, thank you so much, tell him thanks! Oh yeah the video you sent didn’t work......:( oh well.
Transfers are the 2nd Tuesday in Feb.! It’s going so so fast. Ah so sweet have fun at the temple open house and no joke such a great missionary tool! That’s good to hear about Kyle and Heather I hope everything continues to go well. You’re all in my prayers all the time.

So this week was so intense and fun and spiritual. Vanessa is doing so great and is excited for her baptism this Sat. I am so excited for her, every time we go to her home the spirit is so strong over there you truly can feel God’s love. Rob and Gemma and their family are doing great as well, they are so nice and sweet to us and they loved the plan of salvation, I mean come on who wouldn’t! Such great times over there. We also had a great zone meeting this last Fri. in Exeter and I got to drive the whole way, which was fun! We talked a lot about the tree of life and about how we can focus on all that we can do to help our brothers and sisters partake of this amazing good fruit! I want to see everyone eat it and keep eating it! Then Saturday we had an exchange with the AP's which was a blast, I learned so much and felt the spirit so strong. I just love missionary work it’s such a blast, yeah it’s hard sometimes but thats what makes it that much better and sweeter!
We had an awesome experience on Sat. before the exchange, we went on the High ST in Camborne for 40 min and the first lady we stopped was hardcore born-again, I let myself get frustrated with her and we didn’t get anywhere, I walked away slightly mad but just kept praying and praying in my head that we would find someone and I would let go of the anger, we were walking back to the flat and I felt I should turn around and we did and stopped this amazing kid Dre, he was so cool and we taught him and his girlfriend on Sunday, it was way cool, but he just called us today and said it wasn’t right for him right now but someday. So what a miracle! My testimony of so many things have grown, the Book of Mormon is truly the word of God and softens hearts and allows us to feel the spirit, I know with all my heart that Heavenly Father loves me and that because of this he gave his son, my bond with the savior has grown so much! I truly love him for the suffering he went through on my behalf what pure and selfless love he has. I love talking with Heavenly Father, prayer is as real as talking in person to someone, he hears me and knows what I need. Such exciting and happy stuff! The first vision is the best, I love sharing it with loads of people, something about those words bring peace into the conversation its amazing!
Thanks for everything all the support and love and prayers you’re the best family in the whole world!!!!!!!
Hey tell President Monson thanks when you see him @ graduation!!! Lucky!

Make this week the best week of your Life!!!! Love you all and Smile so everyone knows your happy!
Love Elder Garren Allred

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