Monday, January 12, 2009

The Wind is Real, I feel it !

This week was intense meetings and loads of traveling!!!! I loved every min of it. I love going out and talking to people about the gospel it is such a blessing to have your testimony strengthened every day from loads of amazing experiences and just seeing the hand of the lord in every aspect of the work. New suit is black and grayish with faint blue and pink pin-stripes. So lush! Feet are doing amazing!!! Shoes are such a great blessing!
Yeah AMY!!!! That’s so amazing, awe I am so excited and happy for her, nothing is better than I temple marriage! Tell her congrats and tell everyone hi! You and dad are amazing and so fun; I am the luckiest kid in the world to have gotten parents like you two!! Man I sure love you so much!
So exciting about Brandon I am so so so happy for him! The gospel really does bring new light and joy into our lives and we are all better people for finding the truth! Yes I would love to hear his testimony and get his conversion story that would make my year!!!! Thanks for being so great and doing things like that for the missionaries and all those people and having a big fiesta!!!
Yeah I hope you liked the boxes!!! Oh yeah ah any cds will work, if you could talks from John Bytheway and that Hugh B Brown stuff, I would love that and some fun and different church music! :)
Driving has been so fun and challenging we have almost hit mirrors and been so close to walls and such ha-ha your heart just falls into your stomach but heavenly father has protected us!
We have the most amazing people that the lord has blessed us with right now to teach, Vanessa is more amazing than you could ever imagine, she is doing so well for the 24 of this month and she is already planning to go to the temple this next month!!! How sweet is that, we have had some great spiritual experiences, teaching her and Rob and Gemma. When the truth is told to those wanting to know if it’s true and those that have a soft heart the spirit then touches them as it has as we have been able to teach. Vanessa said the closing prayer last time we were there and I just wanted to cry I was so happy to hear her speak with her father in heaven it was amazing. We have met loads of crazy and interesting people chief among them was this man named Jonathan a 'gipsy' wow it was intense, when we walked away from his door we couldn’t help but laugh some of the things he said....He wanted us to come back but I don’t know how I feel about that. The spirit was saying uh-no. Farnsworth is a great missionary were having a blast together its so much fun!! It’s as simple as reading the BOM praying properly, going to church and starting to live the commandments and you get the answers you want, that are exactly what Vanessa was talking to us about. She wanted to feel that what we were describing and what other missionaries have talked to her about.
We were over at this one teach and I was bearing my testimony of my love for Jesus Christ and it was the first time I really got emotional and it all started to sink in about him and the love he has for me and just so much started flowing for me and yet the man we tried to commit for baptism denied it, so so so sad when people deny the Atonement and don’t allow it to bless and help them understand about this life.
Happiness is a by-product of helping others. Your never made truly happy by serving yourself. I love that quote it’s so true..
I have started to learn that a little more fully now and I LOVE almost every min out here, yeah there are trials and loads of sadness, but hey there is also loads of happiness in it...... have a great week! Love you family! Read 2 Nephi 8 & 11 as a family for some amazing mind blowing scripture happiness

Elder Garren Allred

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